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4-H Clubs Prepare for the Fair

With the Oneida County Fair less than five weeks away, the 4-H leaders, youth and parents are busy making progress on their many projects.  The various 4-H clubs from market animals to cake decorating, have been meeting to learn the skills necessary for their numerous projects as well as to learn about leadership and service in their community. 

The market beef, sheep and swine youth have been working on their livestock animal projects since the weigh-in in March (beef), May (swine) and June (sheep).  They have been busy working at home to feed and prepare their animals for show day, as well as meeting as clubs to learn more about their market projects.  In their meetings they have learned things such as body structure, how to provide proper nutrition and what byproducts are produced from their animals.

Several 4H youth participate in the various levels of leatherwork.  As they meet, they learn about the different techniques and tools to be used while working with leather.  Their projects range from knife pouches to wallets or money clips.

The dog club has been working with their four legged partners to learn important steps towards agility, obedience and showmanship as they prepare for the county fair.

The mini-horse club has been meeting regularly to develop their knowledge of horse care, training, handling and showing.  While they aren’t permitted to show with a cart, they are learning the skills for hand driving.

Hopeful babysitters have joined the babysitting club and will begin meeting soon to begin learning important points of childcare, such as healthy snacks, learning games and how to keep children safe.  Throughout their project they will assemble their own babysitting kits.

The crochet club has been enjoying their meetings as they have been working on those beginner basic stitches to turn their yarn dreams into pot holder realities.  

The photography club has been gathering to first learn how to use their cameras, compose photos and make the most of the lighting at hand.  After learning the basics, they have been putting their new skills to work as they capture photos in their own simple photoshoots.

Cake decorating is well underway for the cake decorating club as they learn the skills of turning food into art.  They work to learn tasks such as spatula icing, piping and fondant work to take their cakes to the next level.

The various rocketry levels have been meeting to assemble their rockets in preparation for launch day leading up to the fair.  It's always an exciting accomplishment not only to build their rockets, but to successfully blast them off as well.

Youth ages five to seven have enjoyed participating in the Cloverbud 4-H Club, learning the foundations of 4-H, interesting facts about Idaho and participating in fun learning activities.  Most recently they enjoyed learning about bugs from Jason Thomas, entomologist and U of I Educator from Minidoka County Extension office.  

Young horse enthusiasts have come together in their 4-H club to advance their skills and knowledge in all sorts of equestrian avenues. The club is looking forward to their equine day camp coming up July 21st as they are set to learn about horse health and care, dentistry, massage therapy and farrier services. 

Many other clubs have been meeting around the county to teach skills in art, knitting, baking, sewing and woodworking and other livestock animals including chicken, swine and sheep.  

These hard working youth, their parents and leaders are all looking forward to displaying their work at the country fair, August 15 to 19 for all the county to enjoy.  Oneida County residents can best support the 4-H youth and program by volunteering to lead clubs and projects and cheering them on throughout the fair.