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Malad Elementary Happenings

May has been an eventful final month of school. Many fun and exciting things happened to wrap up another momentous year at Malad Elementary. The kindergarten went on a field trip to Logan and one to the Oneida County Library. First graders got to visit the town library, as well as Brady’s Plant Ranch in Downey. They were excited to get to bring a plant home after that experience. Second grade went back in time to the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden. They also got to go the Oneida County Library and get excited about their summer reading program. Their final excursion was to the LaGrande Aqua Plunge for an afternoon of swimming. Fourth grade participated in many fun activities during the month. They had chalk art day and left pictures on the concrete at the school for everyone to see. They took a nature walk to Crowther’s Reservoir and examined things with magnifying glasses. The library and the park were also included in their activities. They ended the year with a swimming party on the last day of school. Fifth grade got to get a taste of middle school by going to the Malad Middle School and experience a bit of what it will be like for them next year. 

Third grade went on a field trip to Idaho State University. They also went on a walking field trip around Malad. They visited City Hall and had a mock city council meeting. They went to the courthouse and learned about the courtroom and dispatch, even getting “locked” in the holding cells. They visited the Pioneer Museum where they learned about all the cool building “treasures” of our town. Finally, Luke Waldron gave us a tour of downtown Malad, and they had the chance to go inside the Co-Op building and learn about the interesting history of that building. It was an impressive experience for the third graders, and they were so appreciative of Mrs. Melanie Coleman for arranging the whole experience and Mr. Waldron for taking time to show them a little about Malad’s history. 

The entire school also participated in field day on the last Monday/Tuesday, which was sponsored by the PTO. The teachers are very appreciative of what the PTO has done for them this year and the room parents who come to help. During field day, parents accompanied the classes for the activities so the teachers could get some of their final work done as they prepared for the last day of 2021-2022.

One last time, the staff at Malad Elementary would like to thank all those parents who were willing to help us out by waiting in the pickup line for their students this year. It did take a few extra minutes to do this, but the safety of our students is more important than waiting a few minutes. We appreciate your help and support of this effort. We are looking forward to the same cooperation next year.

Our kindergarteners had the goal of being kind to everyone during the month of May. They made cards and posters to say thank you to those that help make our school such a wonderful place to come and learn. Every single one of the kindergarten students participated and accomplished this goal.

The first graders have been working all year to accomplish their goal of reaching proficiency in reading. Those who have accomplished this are Charlie Blackner, Aiden Chabries, Ike Carter, Zylee Titus, Audrey Blaisdell, Zippy McCullough, Kinsley Johnson, Cora Conger, Parker Carson, Ellie Waldron, Carter Jones, Brookell Nimer, Paisley Iliff, Olivia Briscoe, Burke Brown, Orion Crewse, Camden Crowther, Paige Donnan, Evangeline Henry, Ryatt Hobbs, Jaxon Kelley, Brett Knight, Cache Lake, Piper Lewis, Anthony Purdum, Hannelore Ross, Taggart Smith, Heather Sturges, Riggins Sweeten, Grayson Tooke, Lorynn Ward, Claire Wright, Kyler Blaisdell, Jack Coleman, Dekker Davis, Hadlie Evans, Daisy Hawkes, Anthony Hofman, Blakely Horsley, Lafe Huckaby, Emma Kelly, Austin Moss, Aiden Ostrom, Carter Schofield, Shelby Sorensen, Emma Spencer, Jaylee Stoll, McCall Summers, and Wynn Werk.

The second graders finished the year by studying animal classifications. They have learned about mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians, and insects and characteristics of each class. For their goal they had to pass the animal classification test given by their teachers with 80% accuracy. Dax Beutler, Rickell Call, Troy Cottam, Franklin Fesler, Lilly Jones, Londyn Jones, Lacie Palmer, James Peterson, Saunder Poulson, Emmet Richards, Maizley Rupp, Gemmalyn Schwartz, Jace Seevers, Annika Smith, Saigelyn Cox, Avery Daniels, Dempsey Firth, Ali Hanks, Draylyn Jones, Haylen  Kimberling, Cash Kimberling, Maudee Leavitt, Emmett Moyer, Gracie Nelson, Payson Price, Brittyn Venable, Russell Wolz, Porter Christensen, Clayton Brown, Alyssa Cutler, Nash Naylor, Paisley Olsen Allen, Zachary Palmer, Colt Price, Whittney Roe, Nayvie Rupp, Maggie Schow, Olivia Shandrew, Brynley Stoddart, Charlotte Teeples, and Treyson Ward all worked hard to meet this goal.

Mrs. Reiss’s third grade students wanted their goal to go along with the eighth habit “Find Your Voice.” To accomplish this goal the students had to try new things all month. Those that participated were Cassidy Schrenk, Ruby Coleman, Rustin Montgomery, Elsee Parker, Brynlee Gledhill, Hadley Bailey, Devin Ball, and Isaac Bird.

Mrs. Cook’s and Mrs. Waldron’s fourth grade classes set the goal to master the 12’s in multiplication this month. Those who met this goal Sawyer Beutler, Mylie Christensen, Maddox Denny, Zachary Briscoe, Haynks Carter, KaDee Daniels, Ava Fesler, Sydney Hess, Seth Huckaby, Joclynn Jackman, Dawson Jones, Maverik Lewis, Brielle Nalder, Rebecca Nelson, Tandon Redd, Yasmin Simpson, Wheeler Smith, Hyrum Spencer, Arianna Stoddart, Jax Weeks, Emelia Wolz, Gage Higley, Dax Nimer, Luke Allen, Madison Nalder, Hadley Evanson, Jace Call, Riggin Jensen, Wylee Hawkes, Luke Schow, Joshua Roe, Jory Bodily, Asher Brower, Mariah Price, Tyker Hamilton, Ira Carter, Ambria DeJong, Mason Carter, Nathaniel Hachmeister, Morrison Miller, Gage Steed, Sylvie Gleckler, Macey Bird, Tayven Pinkleton, and Aubry Price..

Mrs. Blaisdell’s fourth graders set the goal of identifying all forty-four counties in Idaho. Those who accomplished this goal are Lincoln Berry, Jenna Blaisdell, Rose Butler, Kannon Davis, Jaxson Kimberling, Bentley Teeples, and Evelynn Ward. The fifth graders in Mrs. Blaisdell’s class had a different goal. Zach Crowther, Hyrum Hanks, Isabella Hess, Andrew Pickett, Grayson Thomas, Sophia Ward, and Payton Johnson are now able to identify all fifty United States.

Mrs. Allen’s fifth graders have now memorized the location all fifty states. Those students who accomplished this are Brecken Price, Dane Williams, Kendon Ward, Tyce Thomas, Jace Nalder, Riggin Montgomery, Makenzie Tripp, Jozeph McCullough, Temperance Garrett, Jillian Williams, Olivia Blaisdell, Hailey Talbot, Dixon Reel, and June Talbot. As a bonus, Kendon Ward, Brecken Price, Jace Nalder and Hailey Talbot also learned all fifty state capitals!

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