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MMS Students show off their various talents at a school wide talent show

The Malad Middle School students had a chance to show off their various talents when their annual talent show was held on Wednesday, May 25. The show was under the direction of Mrs. Tracy Ward.

There were twelve different talents performed by a wide range of students. They also had students who were the stage crew and helped get everything ready. The Sound Technicians were Emma Bird, Paityn Ward, and Adi Schow. The piano and props helpers were Jeremiah Peterson, Ethan Horsley, and Dawsyn Peterson.

The performances started with a piano solo performed by Hope Briggs followed by a vocal solo titled “Call Me” performed by Dominic Rogers. Kayla Wilson performed both a piano solo titled “Lunar Eclipse'' and a Vocal Solo titled “Never Enough”. Samantha Schrenk showed off her dance moves as she performed her dance solo for her peers. Aubrey Moss and Eliza Bingham sang a duet together called “The Other Side.” Nolan Biscoe and Cecilee Hill performed a brass duet of a song that they had been learning in the beginning band class. Emma Issacson and April Haven performed a dance duet to the song “Hey Delilah”.

A unique act was a group of 6th-grade boys playing half-court lightning. These boys included: Dawson Beutler, Ashton Purdum, Gunner VanBebber, Rowdy Bates, Rylinn Beck, Noah Hubbard, Austin Jeppsen, Mason Ball, and Trenton Mack. Dawson Beutler ended up winning the game. Another interesting act followed the lightning game. A group of 7th-grade boys came into Mrs. Ward's class almost every day singing a song called “Tell Me Why”. Mrs. Ward signed them up for the talent show so that everyone could hear their song instead of just those in their class who had the pleasure of hearing it every day.

Daisy Huckaby, London Hess, Jade Charles, and Ella Sperry performed their own rendition of “High School Musical” with a few twists. Next, Delfinia Horne, Aspen Bingham, Trinity Christopherson, and Serenity Brees performed a song titled “Lost Boy”.

Next, it was the staff and faculty’s  turn to show off their many talents. Mrs. Julie Bell read a personal narrative about a childhood pet. Mrs. Meagan Gleckler and Miss Melissa Gibbs played a guitar duet for the students. Students were able to join in on the fun by clapping along.

To end the talent show Mr. Brady Price talked about the many many Prices employed at Malad Middle School. But one Price the students had to meet was “Grandma Price”. Mrs. Kara Price disguised as “Grandma Price '' presented the story of “Rindercella” to the students as the final act in the show.

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