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Rodeo Queens Named

Princess 3rd Attendant Paige Eliason, Princess 1st Attendant Sunni Barnes, Princess 2nd Attendant Cassidy Schrenk, and Princess Hadlee Douglas

Young rodeo queen hopefuls gathered at the Oneida County Fairgrounds Saturday, June 11 as they competed in the county’s Rodeo Queen Contest.  Contestants from ages three to eighteen participated in several events throughout the day, cheered on by their families and friends.

The morning began with the youngest groups- the Mini Miss Cowgirls (ages 5 and under) and Jr. Miss Cowgirls (ages 6 to 7).  Inside the arena they each performed a pattern particular to their age group as well as a simple interview with the judges.  At the conclusion of the horsemanship patterns and interview, each of the contestants were awarded with a feed bucket of goodies, for themselves and their horses.

Following the younger division award ceremony, the Princess (ages 8 to 11), Jr. Queen (ages 12-14) and Sr. Queen (ages 15-18) contestants began their own competitions.  The contestants were individually judged on three basic areas of appearance, interview, and horsemanship.  They all participated in modeling, interviewing, testing and a horsemanship pattern, with each division becoming progressively harder.  The Jr. Queen division had an additional flag horsemanship pattern to perform.

The winners of the Princess 

division are-

• Appearance/Modeling: Hadlee Douglas

• Personality/Interview: Sunni Barnes

• Horsemanship: Hadlee Douglas

• Test High Score: Hadlee Douglas

• Congeniality: Sunni Barnes

• 3rd Attendant: Paige Eliason

• 2nd Attendant: Cassidy Schrenk

• 1st Attendant: Sunni Barnes

• 2022 Oneida County Rodeo 

Princess: Hadlee Douglas

The winners of the Jr. Queen 

division are-

• Appearance/Modeling: Katy Carter

• Personality/Interview:Oakley Jones

• Horsemanship: Oakley Jones

• Flag Pattern: Oakley Jones

• Test High Score: Katy Carter

• Congeniality: Oakley Jones

• 1st Attendant: Katy Carter

• 2022 Oneida County Rodeo Jr Queen: Oakley Jones

 The winners of the Sr. Queen 

division are-

• Appearance/Modeling: 

Chloe Peterson

• Personality/Interview:  

Chloe Peterson

• Horsemanship:  

Kaitlyn Armstrong

• Test High Score: 

Kaitlyn Armstrong

• Congeniality: Kaitlyn Armstrong

• 2nd Attendant: Chloe Peterson

• 1st Attendant: Erin Wallace

• 2022 Oneida County Rodeo Queen: Kaitlyn Armstrong

The 2022 Oneida Country Royalty will represent the Oneida County Fair and Rodeo at several events over the upcoming year, particularly in the Malad 4th of July Parade and at the Oneida County Cowboy Classic Rodeo in August.

The Oneida County Rodeo Queen Contest is put on by the Oneida County Fair Board and chaired by board member Lacy Clark.  Lacy was assisted by the 2021 Rodeo Queen Kendyl Reeder and 2021 Princess Samantha Schrenk.  They would all like to thank the sponsors of the event, including saddle sponsors ATC, Patrick Werk Custom Leather, Smith and Edwards, CAL Ranchers, Shea Michelle Buckle Design, Ward Feed, Sparkly Rock Boutique, Vickers Western Store, Oneida Family Dental, West Liberty Foods, Daisy Hollow, IFA and Thomas Market.

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