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Malad Middle School honors students for achievements

The Malad Middle School Awards Assembly was held on Thursday, May 26. Many awards were given including Presidential Awards, Math and Science Awards, English and Reading awards, and Student Council awards.

The Presidential Award is the top academic honor for students. It is divided into two categories -  Gold and Silver. The awards are signed by President Biden. Students are selected for this award based on their academic performance as well as behavior. 

 For the Eighth grade, the Gold Presidential award went to: Kimball Carter, Jens Huckaby, Jeaezie Jensen, Nicole Moss, Bayli Nesbit, Caleb Roe, Paisley Smith, Emery Thomas, Jack Willie, and Sam Willie. 

Eighth Grade Silver Presidential Awards were awarded to: Braylin Beutler, Emma Bird, Colt Coleman, Scarlet Hawkes, Isabella Haycock, Brynnlee Jones, Kendan McCullough, Adilyn Schow, Aly Wright, and Tylee Wright. 

The Seventh Grade Gold Presidential Awards went to: Levi Balappa, Emree Hanks, Brex Martinson, Bella McCullough, Kialey Pickett, Jenna Talbotm Kaycee Venable, Myriam Teeples, Paityn Ward, and Jayda Kimberling. 

Seventh Grade students who earned the Silver Presidential Award were:  Abigail Cox, Easton Green, Joseph Kimberling, Parker Prices, Rhone Gleckler, Emily Coatney, Hope Briggs, Jayson Neal, Drake Morrison, and Halie Palmer. 

For the Sixth graders.  the Gold Presidential Award was awarded to: Aspen Allen, Dawson Beutler, Lily Coleman, Daisy Huckaby, Aezlyn Summers, Brielle Bastian, Karlee Blaisdell, Dayton Bird, Audrey Moss, Juliette Nelson, and Jazton Price. 

Sixth Grade Presidential Silver went to Evan Colton, Wade Clark, Gavin Hooste, Tenlee Sweeten, Kallee Talbot, Rylinn Beck, Jaxon Mills, Tavanie Steed, and Kayla Wilson. 

Citizenship Awards were selected by the Malad Middle School Staff and were based on how students treated others and showed good citizenship during the school year. Selected for the 8th grade to earn the Citizenship Award were: Isaiah Bingham, Denae Colgrove, Aaliyah Driskell, Quincee Hammer, Caden Jeppson, and Bella Smith.

Citizenship for the seventh grade went to: Kyson Willie, Kambree Bluemel, Emree Ekstrom, Carter Smith, Cameron Seamons, and Addyson Murdock.

Sixth Grade Citizenship was awarded to: Eliza Bingham, Mason Eliason, Kaycee Phillips, Noah Hubbard, Val Osguerra, and Kennendy Howe.

Next awards presented were  the Math and Science awards by Mrs. Kathy Atkinson, Mrs. Tracy Ward, and Mrs. Meagan Gleckler. They started by presenting the  Ten Most Improved I-Ready Benchmarks from each grade: For the Sixth Grade, this award was given to  Sophie Wolz, Joy Butler, Trenton Mack, Wade Clark, Kenadei Wise, Kendrey Bywater, Valeria Oseguera, Audrey Moss, Daisy Huckaby, and Lyndee Nimer.

Seventh grade  Most Improved I-Ready scores went to:  Cruz Carter, Abbie Cox, Paislee Davis, Emree Hanks, Tolivan Romero, Carter Smith, Jayson Spencer, Myriam Teeples, Kyson Willie, and Huntley Wolff.

Eighth Graders with the Most Improved I-Ready scores were:  Cam Bingham, Isaiah Bingham, Bronson Garrett, Jaylee Ekstrom, Holdyn Higley, Jaezie Jensen, Brynnlee Jones, Zane Komfoske, Mark Reyes, and McCoy VanBebber.

At the end of each year, the students take the ISAT  test, which measures what grade level materials the students know at the end of the year. Students who earned an Advanced Score of 4 or showed 50 points improvement on the math test from the previous year were given a reward.  Those earning this award in the Sixth Graders were: Aspen Allen, Mason Ball, Rowdy Bates, Rylinn Beck, Dawson Beutler, Dayton Bird, Karlee Blaisdell, Serenity Brees, Gage Brower, Jade Charles, Wade Clark, Laney Coatney, Evan Colton, Gavin Hooste, Delfinia Horne, Daisy Huckaby, Austin Jeppson, David Leckie, Audrey Moss, Juliette Nelson, Valeria Oseguera Quevedo, Kaycee Phillips, Jaxton Price, Aezlyn Summers, Tenlee Sweeten, Kallee Talbot, Gunner VanBebber, Robbie Williams, Kenadei Wise, Sophie Wolz, Annika Wright, Morgan Brown, Cecilee Hill, Britlynn Lloyd, and Samantha Schrenk. 

The seventh graders who were Advanced or improved by 50 or more points on their math ISAT were: Trevor Allen, Ana Arreola, Levi Balappa, Jaxon Blaisdell, Hope Briggs, Carter Daniels, Lanie Dorius, Emree Ekstrom, Jaylee Ekstrom, Dallus Facer, Brayzen Gibbs, Rhone Gleckler, Easton Green, Emree Hanks, Tanner Howard, Braxton Kaufman, Brex Martinsen, Bella McCullough, Drake Morrison, Braun Nalder, Bentley Oglesbee, Kialey Pickett, Dutch Potter, Parker Price, Jenna Talbot, Rylee Talbot, Myriam Teeples, Delanie Walton, and Paityn Ward. 

The eighth grader students who were advanced on their Math ISAT or improved by 50 or more were: Isaiah Bingham, Emma Bird, Parley Bodily, Matt Briscoe, Tana Butler, Kimball Carter, Denae Colgrove, Aaliyah Driskel, Quincee Hammer, Scarlet Hawkes, Izzy Haycock, Jens Huckaby, Jaezie Jensen, Brynnlee Jones, Chase Martin, Rogelio Mata, Kendan McCullough, Nicole Moss, Bayli Nesbit, Mark Reyes, Caleb Roe, August Rogers, Adi Schow, Bella Smith, Paisley Smith, Emery Thomas, McCoy Vanbebber, Addison Williams, Jack Willie, Sam Willie, Alina Willis, and Tylee Wright

In the Middle school there is a program called MathCounts where students are able to work on math during homeroom time. They get a chance to compete to show off their impressive math and science skills. This year several students competed in both Mathcounts and Science Bowl and were presented with certificates. 

 Those who competed in Mathcounts were: Aspen Allen, Mason Ball, Dawson Beutler, Aspen Bingham, Hope Briggs, Joy Butler, Kimball Carter, Wade Clark, Rhone Gleckler, Oaklie Gledhill, Liddia Gonzalez, Emree Hanks, London Hess, Delfinia Horne, Daisy Huckaby, Jens Huckaby, Gavin Hooste, Dal Leckie, Bella McClullough, Jaxon Mills, Audrey Moss, Jette Nelson, Valeria Oseguera Quevedo, Kialey Pickett, Tenlee Sweeten, Kaycee Venable, Paityn Ward, Kayla Wilson, Robbie Williams, and Annika Wright. 

The Science Bowl Participants were: Aspen Allen, Emma Bird, Kimball Carter, Oaklie Gledhill, Gavin Hooste, Jens Huckaby, Audrey Moss, Kialey Pickett, Paityn Ward, and Kayla Wilson.

The English awards were given out by the English Teachers for each grade., Mrs. Shawna Daniels, Mrs. Krishele Jensen, and Mrs. Annie Brower. The first award was presented to those students who earned an Advanced, or a 4,  on their English ISAT Test. 

For the Eighth graders, students earning Advanced were: Braylin Beutler, Carter Carey, Kimball Carter, Mordecai Charles, Jens Huckaby, Jaezie Jensen, Brynnlee Jones, Purity Miller, Nicole Moss, Bayli Nesbit, Caleb Roe, Adi Schow, Paisley Smith, Emery Thomas, Tabitha Webster, Jack Willie, Sam Willie, and Tylee Wright.

Seventh graders who were Advanced in their testing were: Marshall Asay, Levi Balappa, Tavin Barnes, Hope Briggs, Emily Coatney, Emree Ekstrom, Emree Hanks, Joseph Kimberling, Brex Martinson, Bella McCullough, Drake Morrison, Addyson Murdock, Kailey Pickett, Tolivan Romero, Jenna Talbot, Myriam Teeples, Kaycee Venable, and Paityn Ward.

For the sixth graders, students earned a 4 or Advanced were: Aspen Allen, Mason Ball, Eliza Bingham, Dayton Bird, Jade Charles, Wade Clark, Laney Coatney, Lilly Coleman, Oaklie Gledhill, Gavin Hooste, Delfinia Horn, Daisy Huckaby, Jaxon Mills, Audrey Moss, Jette Nelson, Lyndee Nimer, Val Oseguera, Kaycee Phillips, Jaxton Price, Camille Smith, Aezlyn Summers, Kallee Talbot, and Kenadei Wise.

Also, based off the English ISAT scores, awards were presented to students who had outstanding growth which means they improved by 100 or more points. From the Eighth grade, students who showed this much improvement were: Shane Purdum, Bella Smith, Paisley Smith, Kurt Ward, and Easton Wrigley. 

Seventh grade students showing over 100 points improvement were: Ana Arreola, Marshall Asay, Tavin Barnes, Kambree Bluemel, Lainie Dorius, Emree Ekstrom, Ethan Horsley, Addyson Murdock, Kayson Neal, Bentley Oglesbee, Myriam Teeples, Madyson VanBebber, and Paityn Ward. 

Paislee Davis also received special recognition for  outstanding growth with her score improving by over 200 points.

Sixth Grade students showing 100 point improvement were:  Brielle Bastian, River Taylor, Samantha Schrenk, Rasp Carter, Daisy Huckaby, Kallee Talbot, April Haven, Genevieve Henry, Aezlyn Summers, Ella Sperry, and Lyndee Nimer. 

Sophie Wolz showed over 200 points improvement, earning a special award. 

An award for students iReady reading was also given. This award was given to students who showed great improvement in their reading scores on iReady throughout the year. For the eighth grade, these students included:   Cam Bingham, Parley Bodily, Kimball Carter, Quade Carter, Zane Komrofske, Rogelio Mata, Rebecca McCracken, Kendan McCullough, Porter Mills, Shane Purdum, Bella Smith, Evie Smith, Paisley Smith, and Jack Willie. Seventh Grade students earning awards were:   Paityn Ward, Hope Briggs, Ryker Conger, Delanie Walton, Bentley Jones, Abigail Cox, Emree Hanks, Conner Purser, Joseph Kimberling, Levi Balappa, and Emily Coatney. Sixth grade showing the most iReady improvement were: Aezlyn Summers, Kenadei Wise, Ammon Smith, River Taylor, Kallee Talbot, Sophie Wolz, Rylinn Beck, Wade Clark, Aspen Allen, and Joy Butler.

WIth the iReady Program, students are also able to Test Out if they complete all the reading material on their grade level. Each grade had students who tested out. For the Eighth Grade those testing out were: Braylin Beutler, Cam Bingham, Emma Bird, Kimball Carter, Mordecai Charles, Taylor Cowdin, Auron Dirilo, Jaylee Ekstrom, Bronson Garrett, Scarlet Hawkes, Izzy Haycock, Jens Huckaby, Jaezie Jensen, Brynnlee Jones, Zane Komrofske, Rebecca McCracken, Kendan McCullough, Purity Miller, Nicole Moss, Porter Mills, Olivia Nelson, Bayli Nesbit, Rachel Ostrom, Caleb Roe, Adi Schow, Paisley Smith, Emery Thomas, Tabitha Webster, Addison Williams, Jack Willie, Sam Willie, and Tylee Wright. 

Seventh Grade testing out of iReady this year were:  Levi Balappa, Hope Briggs, Emree Hanks, Jayda Kimberling, Kialey Pickett, Parker Price, Jayson Spencer, and Myriam Teeples. 

Sixth grade students testing out of iReady their first year were: Wade Clark and Aspen Allen.

The last of the awards were given to the 2021-2022 Student Council members for all their hard work this past school year. The Student Body Officers were: President- Jack Willie, Vice President- Brynnlee Jones, Secretary- Jaezie Jensen, Historian- Emma Bird, and Business Managers- Nicole Moss and Caleb Roe. The eighth-grade class officers were President- Adi Schow, Vice president- Izzy Haycock, Secretary- Baylie Nesbit, Boys representative- Kurt Ward, and Girls representative- Aly Wright. Seventh-grade class officers President- Drake Morrison, Vice president- Dutch Potter, Secretary- Paityn Ward, Boys representative- Braun Nalder, and Girls Representative- Kaycee Venable. The Sixth-grade class officers were President- Valeria Oseguera, Vice president- Daisy Huckaby, Boys representative- Jaxon Mills, and Girls Representative- Lily Coleman.

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