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Welsh Festival Youth Poetry Semi-Finalists Announced

During the last week of the school year, the semi-finalists for this year’s Welsh Festival Youth Poetry competition were announced by Jean Thomas, Joan Hawkins, and Annette Elcock.  The submissions, which were open to Malad school aged kids, were judged by a panel of retired English teachers from the Malad area, as well as former Bards of the Welsh Festival.  

Semi-finalists received coupons which may be used at the Welsh Festival at the end of June, and winners 2nd grade and older are eligible to read their poems for one of several $50 prizes on Friday, June 24th at the Festival itself, beginning at 1:00 in the 2nd Ward church building next to the park.

The judges conveyed that the efforts of the students were impressive, leading to a large number of semi-finalists across the grades.

Poetry is one of the strongest and most enduring legacies of Wales, with poets such as Dylan Thomas, Gillian Clarke, and Vernon Watkins known the world over for their thoughtful, impressive verse.

1st Grade - Apral Ipsen

Ryton Taufer

Kody Wangsgard

Ellie Waldron

Kyler Price

2nd Grade - Laurie Richins

Gemmalyn Schwartz

Maizley Rupp

James Peterson

Sadie Miller

Londyn Jones

2nd Grade – Erin Hawkes

Saigelyn Cox

Emmett Moyer

Ali Hanks

Brittyn Venable

Dempsey Firth

2nd Grade – Lydia Jones

Maggie Schow

Colt Price

Whittney Roe

Zach Palmer

Charlotte Teeples

4th Grade – Kallie Blaisdell

Rose Butler

Kannon Davis

4th Grade – Lindsay Waldron

Aubry Price

Riggin Jensen

Ira Carter

Hadley Evanson

Sylvie Gleckler

4th Grade – Jordan Cook

Jax Weeks

Maverik Lewis

Seth Huckaby

5th Grade – Kallie Blaisdell

Payton Johnson

5th Grade – Jean Schwartz

Katie Palmer

Beckston Green

William Evans

Sterling Purser

Katy Carter

Sadie Hooste

Zoe Bodily

5th Grade – Cinniman Allen

Paisley Moyer

Dixon Reel

Olivia Blaisdell

Jace Nalder

Jaxon Jay Shandrew

Denette Layton

6th Grade – Annie Brower

Valeria Oseguera

Audrey Moss

Dawson Beutler

Daisy Huckaby

Jaxon Mills

Aezlyn Summers

Kayla Wilson

Ella Sperry

Samantha Schrenk

Gavin Hooste

Wade Clark

Lily Coleman

Eliza Bingham

Jaxton Price

7th Grade– Krishele Jensen

Paige Talbot

Cruz Carter

Easton Green

Marshall Asay

Emily Coatney

Paityn Ward

Rhose Gleckler

Kialey Pickett

Drake Morrison

Abigail Cox

Tanner Howard

Emree Hanks

Trevor Allen

Carter Daniels

Kaycee Venable

9th Grade – Bryce Cassleman

Gabe Hooste

Brylee Barnes

Joe Willie

Aubrey Corbett

Joshua Pickett

Hadlee Summers

Katie Coatney

Quinn Higley

Bostyn Combs

Zayne Thomas

McKenzie Leckie

Kylee Tanner

Lincoln Reeder

Byelur Jensen

Aubry Cluff

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