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Stone Elementary Ends 2022 School Year

The staff and students of Stone Elementary ended the 2021-2022 school year with fanfare and festivities as they had their final activities, field trips and promotions.  The fun last week of the school year kicked off with a field trip to the City of Rocks.  The kids, joined by teachers, Superintendent Mr. Abrams and parents enjoyed learning of the history of the long-ago pioneers that traveled through the geological wonder.  The site tells the story of hundreds of thousands of pioneers that crossed through the city of rock and literally left their mark there.  Wagon ruts, inscriptions in the rocks and journal entries left by those pioneers marking their time spent at City of Rocks, can still be found.  The highlight of the trip for the students was hiking and climbing around all of the trails and rocks.

The five members of the third-grade class enjoyed a field trip of their own, heading into Malad to tour the elementary school.  Annually, the Stone third grade class will take time to walk the halls of the school to give them a taste of what school will be like as they attend fourth grade in a new school.

The Stone Elementary students enjoyed another field to Malad, beginning the morning at La Grand Aqua Plunge (LAP).  They begin their time at the pool by learning important pool and water safety tips from the LAP staff.  Despite the chilly weather, the students weren’t deterred from hopping in the pool when the moment finally came to splash and play.  The students say a big “Thank you!” to the staff for working so hard to have the pool warm and ready for their adventure that day.  

After their pool time fun, the students headed over to Samaria where they enjoyed an afternoon at the Malad Valley Heritage Square with a tour and activities from Luke Waldron.  The children enjoyed seeing the historic site and marveled at what life would have been like for the early settlers.  

The culminating event for the students was the 3rd grade promotion and celebration where each of the students shared about their years at the school.  Each of them expressed how much they enjoyed learning and playing at the small school where the students, staff and community members are more like family than anything else.  The kindergarten class was also recognized for completing their first year at Stone Elementary.  

It has been a great school year for the students and staff of Stone Elementary, ending with lots of fun and celebration, and while it is a little bittersweet to see the third-grade class moving on, everyone is excited for the well-deserved summer break.

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