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School Board Employee of the Month—Laurie Richins

Laurie Richins, who is retiring after teaching for Oneida School District for 39 years, was honored as the “Employee of the Month” at the Oneida School Board meeting on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

Ms. Sarah McIntyre, Principal of Malad Elementary School, read the following letter in recognition of Laurie’s long tenure as a teacher at the school:

“Laurie [Richins] is a dedicated and hard-working teacher at Malad Elementary School. She has taught for the Oneida School District since 1983. Her depth of knowledge and willingness to share with her colleagues are great assets to Malad Elementary.

“Laurie is always dependable and willing to take on any responsibility asked of her. She completes the task to the best of her ability and with a positive attitude. Laurie supports her colleagues, especially those who are new to the school.  She collaborates with her team and other staff members to help provide the best possible experiences for our students.

“When asked, Dotty Evanson (former principal of Malad Elementary School) said, ‘Longest running circus room in history . . . probably could make the Guinness Book of World Records. Seriously, she was reliable. I think she will probably show up next year on the first day. It is what she does!’

“Bob Hannah (former counselor and principal of Malad Elementary School) stated that ‘Laurie has been great to work with. I found her approachable and open to change I always knew where I stood with her. Laurie doesn’t have much of a poker face. She was always good to visit with me regarding just about anything.’

“Laurie Richins is deserving of this recognition. . . . She is a credit to the Oneida School District.”

Laurie received a copy of the “Starfish” poem, a gift card, and a plaque that will hang in the Oneida School District office for the next month.

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