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Tammy Benson

The Oneida School District “Employee of the Month” for April is Tammy Benson, who has worked as a cleaner at all three Malad schools for the past two years. She was honored at the School Board meeting on Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

Ms. Sarah McIntyre, Principal of Malad Elementary School, read the following letter about Tammy:

“Tammy is a wonderful and dedicated employee and a valuable asset to all three schools in Malad.

“Tammy has worked at Malad Elementary, Middle, and High School for two years. She always has a kind word and smile.  She is very dependable. Tammy is willing to take on any task asked of her and do it to the best of her ability and with a positive attitude. She ensures that our school is clean and properly supplied to help provide the best possible experience for our students. She goes out of her way to support the schools.  For example, she found couches for the teachers lounge at the elementary school and donated a microwave for the students at the high school.

“ ‘Tammy is a gift to the school.  She always keeps an eye out for any way to help,’ said Bob Hannah.

“Mike Corbett stated that Tammy was ‘consistent, helpful and dependable, dependable, and dependable. She never balks at any task assigned and has a happy personality. She makes you feel better after you see her.’

“Tammy is a credit to the Oneida School District. She exemplifies what an outstanding employee is and we are proud to work with her.”

In recognition of being the “Employee of the Month,” Tammy received a gift card, a copy of the “Starfish” poem, and a plaque that will hang in the School District office for the next month.

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