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Malad Middle School team competes at regional MathCounts event

The students at Malad Middle School that participate in the MathCounts program are: (front, left to right) Annika Wright, Jett Nelson, Tenlee Sweeten, Joy Butler, Wade Clark, Mason Ball, Audrey Moss, Kayla Wilson, Aspen Bingham, (row two) Kallee Talbot, Jaxson Mills, Dawson Beutler, Dal Leckie, Robbie Williams, Gavin Hooste, Aspen Allen, Hope Briggs, Joe Kimberling Kaycee Venable, Liddia Gonzalez, Bella McCullough, (row three) Brex Martinson, Parker Price, Porter Mills, Kialey Pickett, Paisley Smith, Rhone Gleckler, Valeria Oseguera, Daisy Huckaby, Emree Hanks, Paityn Ward, (row four) Brynnlee Jones, Izzy Haycock, Emma Bird, Cam Bingham, Sam Willie, Ayden Potter, Rydon Montgomery, Kimball Carter, Jack Willie, Adi Schow, Nicole Moss, Emery Thomas, (back row) Tylee Wright, Jaezie Jensen, Kendon McCullough, Caleb Roe, Jens Huckaby, Cale Carter, Bayli Nesbit, Tana Butler, Delfinia Horne, and London Hess.

The Malad Middle School Math Counts had the chance to compete in the Regional MathCounts competition. This competition was once again held virtually with the students competing from the library at Malad Middle School.

The MathCounts program at Malad Middle School has 49 students participating. The students meet during Homeroom each morning, working on math drills and competition preparation activities. 

On January 20, the school hosted their own competition to determine their competition team from the 49 sixth through eighth graders that participate in this program. From this competition, the team to compete in the Southeast Idaho chapter Competition was selected. All chapter competitions were held virtually the same day nationwide. 

There were 12 team members selected to compete in the Southeast Idaho Chapter Competition held on February 20. This was held virtually from Malad Middle School’s library. Competing as a team in this competition were Jens Huckaby, Kimball Carter, Rhone Gleckler, and Kialey Picket. They also had a chance to compete individually as did Hope Briggs, Emree Hanks, Paityn Ward, Joy Butler, Wade Clark, Daisy Huckaby, Tenlee Sweeten, and Kaycee Venable

“Hopefully, next year we will be able to meet in-person,” said MathCounts Coach Kathy Atkinson. “Fewer mathletes were able to attend the state competition this year due to Covid restrictions at Boise State University.”

The team is coached by Kathy Atkinson and Tracy Ward. 

Malad Middle School did not have anyone qualify to compete at state this year with the smaller group allowed to compete.

The Malad Middle School Club had achieved Silver Level Status with the National Math Club.

Anyone interested in more information about this group can go to mathcounts. org.

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