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Malad Elementary School Celebrates 100 Days of School

Mar 04, 2022 11:31AM ● By Anna Pro

Like many schools across the country, Malad Elementary observed the 100th day of school for the year last Friday (though technically the 100th day was this Monday).  The 100th day is generally an event which is particularly celebrated by kindergarten classes.  The day is used to reinforce the idea of larger number counting through the use of various in-class activities that employ the use of “100s.”

Mrs. Ball’s kindergarten class was one of those participating classes this year, with students working on a number of projects throughout the morning that involved counting.  In addition to creating fruit loop necklaces with 100 pieces, stacking 100 cups, stamping items with 100 stamps, some students also took the opportunity to dress up as “100 year olds.”  

The day is considered to be a symbolic marker of the students’ academic milestones over the first part of the year, and is generally counted down to after the holidays.  Many of the numeracy (counting and number awareness) milestones of the state school curricula are met by the process of engaging with physical objects that reinforce the value and relationship of the numbers involved.

Some of the other activities often observed during the day include physical activities, such as 100 jumping jacks, writing activities, such as constructing a 100 word story, or craft projects, such as decorating a shirt or poster with 100 objects of various kinds.

In most states, including Idaho, the number of school days required in K-12 education is 180, which also makes the 100 day celebration a recognition of the fact that students have passed the halfway point for the year’s education requirements.