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Lindsay Waldron Named School District Employee of the Month

Lindsay Waldron, long-time teacher at Malad Elementary School, was honored as the Oneida School District “Employee of the Month” at the regular meeting of the School Board on Tuesday, February 8. Ms. Sarah McIntyre, Principal of Malad Elementary School, read the following letter of nomination for Lindsay:

“Lindsay is always dependable and willing to take on any responsibility asked of her. She completes the task to the best of her ability and with a positive attitude. Whenever there is a call for help, Lindsay is one of the first to jump in. Lindsay supports her colleagues, especially those who are new to the school. She collaborates with her team and other staff members to help provide the best possible experiences for our students.

“Lindsay’s collaboration, willingness to try new things, and dedication to putting forth the extra effort ensures that ALL students are successful. She creates an engaging and inclusive environment. She has high expectations and works hard to help her students meet them. I have seen her end one lesson, complete a new seating arrangement, and begin another lesson, with 100% of the students on task in under five minutes. Her classroom management is masterful. 

“Lindsay Waldron is deserving of this recognition, and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to work with her and see the wonderful effect she has on our students. She is a credit to the Oneida School District. She always puts the students first and exemplifies what an outstanding employee is.”

In recognition of the honor, Lindsay received a gift card, a copy of the “Starfish” poem, and a plaque, which will be displayed for the next month at the School District Office.

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