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Malad Middle School Track team gets a chance to compete at their district competition

May 26, 2021 10:55AM ● By Justin Adams

The Malad Middle School Track team earned a chance to compete at their district competition. It was hosted by Aberdeen on Friday, May 7. 

“The middle school had a great track season,” said Coach Meagan Gleckler. “We had just about 80 athletes. They competed in five regular season meets and the district track meet in Aberdeen. It was a unique season because only the 8th-graders had participated in track before. Due to COVID track season was canceled last year. This meant we had a lot of beginners but all the kids worked hard and were willing to try new events to see what the best fit for them. As a coach, I am truly proud of how hard they worked and how well they represented Malad while competing in both performance and sportsmanship. We are excited for next year. The high school is getting a great group of kids to add to their team and our 6th and 7th graders will have a year's worth of experience under their belts. I expect really great things from them. We are hoping that with so many students participating we can get a home track meet so that parents and the community can come to see our athletes run, jump, and throw.”

The tournament is divided into two divisions. There is a 6th grade division and a 7th and 8th grade division. The 6th Grade boys were able to win the top team award from this competition in their division.

       “The 6th-graders did a fantastic job at the district meet,” added Coach Gleckler. “The boys took first place and brought home the district championship trophy. The Soda Springs 6th-grade girls beat our team out of first place by just 5 points, giving the girls a 2nd place finish. Two 6th-graders even set new individual middle school records: Drake Morrison in the long jump with a jump of 16 feet, Liddia Gonzales set the school record in the 200 M dash. The 6th-grade girls 4x200 m team also had the fastest finish in school history. Jenna Talbot, Bella McCullough, Rylee Talbot and Liddia Gonzales were on the team.”

       Coach Gleckler added, “The 7th and 8th graders complete against each other at district. This was a big challenge for 7th graders because it was their first track season and they were competing against older and experienced athletes. The 7/8th grade girls finished in 3rd place at district and the 7/8th boys finished in 6th place. There were new school records set by Anistyn Tovey and Brady Showell in the triple jump. Brycen Talbot set new records in both the boys 800 meter and the 1600 meter race. Miley Palmer beat her previous bests in both the shot put and discus to set new records. Bayli Nesbit set the girls high jump record. Cally Coleman set the girls 800 meter record. The girls 4 x 400 meter relay set a new record. The team was made up Hadlee Summer, Tylee Venable, Cally Coleman, and Adi Schow. We have only been keeping school records for a few years, but it's been exciting to have a goal for the kids to work towards. I think it's helping our track program get better each year.”

This team was coached by Meagan Gleckler, Brady Price, and Bobbi Summers. Kara Price helped at the meets. Managers were Aubrey Corbett, Alivia Waldron, Paislee Davis, and Paityn Ward

The team included: Joni Beck, Braylin Beutler, Hailey Briel, Brinnley Clark, Cally Coleman, Teagan Daniels, Liddia Gonzalez, Emree Hanks, Scarlet Hawkes, Izzy Haycock, Tatum Hess, Jaezie Jensen, Brynnlee Jones, Jayda Kimberling, McKenzie Leckie, Bella McCullough, Purity Miller, Addyson Murdock, Olivia Nelson, Bayli Nesbit, Baylee Owens, Miley Palmer, Kialey Pickett, Arianna Rodriguez, Adilyn Schow, Maren Sperry, Hadlee Summers, Jenna Talbot, Paige Talbot, Rylee Talbot, Anistyn Tovey. Madyson Vanbebber, Kaycee Venable, Tylee Venable, Ambry Wakley, Whitnee Waldron, Delanie Walton, Aly Wright, Lindi Young, Cameron Allen, Tavin Barnes, Jaxon Blaisdell, Adam Blake, Matt Briscoe, Micah Butler, Kimball Carter, Colter Christopherson, Colt Coleman, DJ Crowther, Russell Eddings, Bronson Garrett, Rhone Gleckler, Tanner Howard, Braxden Kaufman, Joseph Kimberling, Chase Martin, Brex Martinsen, Porter Mills, Drake Morrison, Braun Nalder, Kayson Neal, Jeremiah Peterson, Ayden Potter, Dutch Potter, Parker Price, Zac Reiss, Zach Richardson, Jes Schow, Brady Showell, Carter Smith,  Brycen Talbot, Hayes Teeples, Justin Toone, McCoy Vanbebber, James Walker, Kason Ward, Deken Williams, and Joe Willie.

Malad competed well in the district track meet in Aberdeen. In the boys results, in the 100 meter, Dutch Potter was eighth in the Sixth Grade race with a time of 17.01. Tavin Barnes was 10th at 17.12 seconds. Adam Blake was 15th at 17.56 followed by Braxden Kaufman in 16th place at 17.72. Jaxon Blaisdell was 19th at 18.41. 

For the 7th or 8th grade finals in the 100 meter race, Brady Showell was third at 14.43 seconds. Kason Ward was 11th at 14.83 seconds. Colter Christopherson was 15th at 15.02 seconds. Deken Williams was 17th at 15.33 seconds followed by Jes Schow in 20th at 15.74 seconds. Zac Reiss was 21st at 15.79 seconds followed by Ayden Potter in 28th at 16.53 seconds. McCoy Vanbebber was 29th had a time of 16.64 followed by Joe Willie in 32nd at 16.94 seconds. LaVell Walker was 33rd at 16.99 with Justin Toone in 34th at 17.04 and Matt Briscoe in 35th at 17.08. Zach Richardson was 39th at 17.99 followed by Cameron Allen in 41st at 18.15. Micah Butler was 50th at 21.61 seconds. 

The 6th Grade in the 200 meters included Brex Martinson in 7th place with a time of 33.46 seconds. Dutch Potter was 8th at 33.48. Adam Blake was 15th at 34.85. 

For the 7th and 8th grade in the 200 meters, Kason Ward was 8th at 29.12 seconds. Zac Reiss was 13th at 31.11 seconds. Chase Martin was 21st at 32.26 followed by LaVell Walker at 33.28. Porter Mills finished in 24th at 34.8 followed by Zach Richardson in 29th at 37.29. 

The 6th Grade 400 meter race had Rhone Gleckler in fifth at 1:22.61. He was followed by Jaxon Blaisdell in 7th place at 1:25.79. For the 7th and 8th grade, Deken Williams was 6th at 1:05.38 followed by Zac Reiss in 11th at 1:09.27. Chase Martin was 15th at 1:17.39 followed by Kimball Carter in 17th at 1:18.94.

The 800 meter race for the sixth grade had Braun Nalder winning the race with a time of 2:39.86. Kayson Neal was eighth at 3:12.46. Carter Smith was ninth at 3:12.62. For the 7th and 8th grade, Brycen Talbot was 2nd at 2:25.71. Colt Colman finished in 11th at 2:48.2. Kimball Carter was 16th at 3:04.22. 

The 1600 meter race for the 6th grade saw Braun Nalder win his second race of the day with a finish of 5:59.50. Brex Martinson was 4th at 6:08.7. Carter Smith was 8th at 6:54.50. Kayson Neal was ninth at 6:56.04.  For the 7th and 8th grade, Brycen Talbot was second at 5:27.54. Colt Coleman was 7th at 6:12.13.

In the 100 meter hurdles, for the sixth grade, Braxden Kaufman finished in third at 21.60. Parker Price was sixth at 22.60. For the 7th and 8th grade, Joe Willie finished in 14th at 20.11 followed by Chase Martin in 19th at 20.86. Ayden Potter had a time of 21.57. Matt Briscoe was 26th at 22.40. 

Braun Nalder took first place in the 200 meter hurdles with a time of 34.65 seconds in the 6th grade division. For the 7th grade division, Matt Briscoe was 10th at 38.12 followed by Kimball Carter in 11th at 41.85. 

The 4 x 100 relay team of Jeremiah Peterson, DJ Crowther, Adam Blake and Tavin Barnes finished in fourth in the 6th grade division with a time of 1:06.24. The team of Jes Schow, McCoy VanBebber, Porter Mills and Joe Willie finished second in the 4 x 100 relay with a time of 1:02.69. 

The 4 x 200 team for the 6th grade finished in second. This team included Jaxon Blaisdell, Adam Blake, Braxden Kaufman, and Tavin Barnes. They had a time of 2:10.52. The team of Justin Toone, Chase Martin, Matt Briscoe and Colter Christopherson was seventh in the 7th and 8th grade division with a time of 2:10.45. The team of Russell Eddings, Bronson Garrett, LaVell Walker, and Cameron Allen was eighth at 2:17.56. 

The 4 x 400 relay team for the sixth grade was in second place. This team included Rhone Gleckler, Joseph Kimberling, Kayson Neal, and Carter Smith. They had a time of 5:36.29. Deken Williams, Brady Showell, Colter Christopherson, and Brycen Talbot were first in the 7th and 8th grade division with a time of 4:14.07. 

The 6th grade Medley Relay team finished first at 2:09.65. This team included Dutch Potter, Brex Martinsen, Parker Price, and Drake Morrison. The 7th and 8th grade team of Ayden Potter, Zac Reiss, Colt Coleman, and Kason Ward finished in seventh at 2:15.39. The team of Cameron Allen, Hayes Teeples, Zach Richardson and Kimball Carter was eighth at 2:26.47. 

Rhone Gleckler led the 6th grade in the shot put with a second place finish at 21 feet 2.5 inches. DJ Crowther was fourth at 18 feet 10.5 inches. Jeremiah Peterson was sixth at 18 feet 7.5 inches. For the 7th and 8th grade, Justin Toone was 16th at 26 feet 4.5 inches. Micah Butler was 33rd at 20 feet 4.5 inches. Bronson Garrett was 37th at 17 feet.

Tavin Barnes was first in the discus for the 6th grade at 65 feet 8.5 inches. Jeremiah Peterson was fourth at 52 feet 5 inches. DJ Crowther was ninth at 41 feet 3.5 inches. Rhone Gleckler was 12th at 40 feet 1 inch. For the 7th and 8th grade, Micah Butler was 15th at 67 feet 6.5 inches. Justin Toone was 30th a 55 feet 8 inches. Bronson Garrett was 31st at 52 feet 7 inches.

Drake Morrison landed in first place in the high jump at 4 feet 6 inches. Braun Nalder was second at the same throw.  Porter Mills was fourth for the 7th and 8th grade with a jump of 4 feet 4 inches. 

Morrison led the long jump at 16 feet for the 6th grade. Dutch Potter was 5th at 13 feet 3 inches. Brex Martinson was 8th at 12 feet 5 inches. Parker Price was 12th at 11 feet 7 inches. Braxden Kaurfman was 14th at 11 feet 3 inches. Joseph Kimberling was in 22nd at 9 feet  7 inches. Jaxon Blaisdell was 26th at 8 feet 8 inches. For the 7th and 8th grade, Kason Ward was 15th at 14 feet 5 inches. Jes Schow was 19th at 13 feet 11 inches. Colter Christopherson was 25th at 12 feet 5 inches. McCoy VanBebber was 27th at 12 feet 2 inches. Colt Coleman was 33rd at 11 feet 4 inches. Zach Richardson was 35th at 11 feet 1 inch. Ayden Potter was 36th at 10 feet 5 inches. Cameron Allen was 39th at 8 feet 11 inches.

Kayson Neal landed in fourth in the triple jump at 20 feet 9.25 inches Carter Smith was fifth at 17 feet 8 inches. Brady Showell won the triple jump for the 7th and 8th grade with a jump of 24 feet 10 inches.

For the girls, in the 100 meter open, Liddia Gonzalez was in first for the 6th grade at 15.35 seconds. Jenna Talbot was ninth at 16.72. Bella McCullough was 11th at 16.84 followed by Jayda Kimberling in 12th at 16.88. Paige Talbot was 15th at 17.33 followed by Rylee Tablot at 17.70 for 17th. Brinley Clark was 19th at 18.01 followed by Arianna Rodriquez in 20th at 18.15. Madyson VanBebber was 21st at 18.27 followed by Hailey Briel and Addyson Murdock. For the 7th and 8th grade, Adilyn Schow was seventh at 16 seconds. Izzy Haycock was eighth at 16.20 seconds followed by Braylin Beutler in 11th place at 16.8. Baylee Owens was 13th at 16.95 with Whitnee Waldron in 17th at 17.4443 and Lindi Young in 18th at 17.50 Olivia Nelson was 26th at 17.85 followed by McKenzie Leckie in 28th at 18.09. Purity Miller had a time of 20.7 and Jaezie Jensen finished in 22.98. 

For the 200 meter dash, Liddia Gonzalez set a record with her first place finish at 30.96 seconds for the 6th grade. Jenna Talbot was fourth at 32.22 with Bella McCullough in 11th at 24.04. Paige Talbot was 13th at 34.56 followed by Rylee Talbot at 34.8. For the 7th and 8th grade, Izzy Haycock was fifth at 31.56. Adilyn Schow was seventh at 31.99. Anistyn Tovey was ninth at 33.26 followed by Braylin Beutler in 11th at 33.73. Tylee Venable was 19th at 35.94 followed by Jaezie Jensen at 37.24 and Purity Miller at 40.79.

Emree Hanks was fourth in the 400 meter for the 6th grade. Joni Beck was fifth for the 7th and 8th grade in 1:09.61. Scarlet Hawkes was eighth at 1:10.36 with Cally Coleman in 10th at 1:10.61.

Cally Coleman finished the 800 meter race in third at 2:44.03. Joni Beck was fourth at 2:53.42. Brynlee Jones was fifth at 2:53.78 followed by Hadlee Summers in 2:56.25 for seventh place.

Hadlee Summers earned third place in the 1600 meter race at 6:41.9. 

In the 100 meter hurdles, Liddia Gonzalez was first at 19.40 seconds. Kaycee Venable was third at 21.64 followed by Jayda Kimberling in fifth at 22.01 and Addyson Murdock in seventh at 24.43. For the 7th and 8th grade, Joni Beck was 14th at 21.64 followed by Teagan Daniels in 15th at 22 with Hadlee Summers in 19th at 22.86 and Tylee Venable in 22nd at 23.66. 

For the 200 meter hurdles, for the 6th grade, Kaycee Venable was second at 52.42 followed by Jayda Kimberling in third at 53.08. For the older division, Scarlet Hawkes was third at 36.23 followed by Teagan Daniels at 38.62. 

The 4 x 100 relay team for the sixth grade finished in fourth at 1:04.92. This team was Jayda Kimberling, Kaycee Venable, Paige Talbot, and Brinley Clark. The older teams also competed well with one team taking fifth at 1:05.78 and the other in sixth at 1:11.18. The fifth place team was Baylee Owens, Olivia Nelson, Whitnee Waldron, and Bayli Nesbit. The sixth place team was McKenzie Leckie, Lindi Young, Purity Miller, and Jaezie Jensen. 

The 4 x 200 relay team for the sixth grade grabbed first place. This team included Jenna Talbot, Bella McCullough, Rylee talbot, and Liddia Gonzalez. They had a time of 2:11.91. The 7th and 8th grade team was Anistyn Tovey, Teagan Daniels, Braylin Beutler, and Scarlet Hawkes. They had a time of 2:14.88 for fourth place.

The 4 x 400 team of Hadlee Summers, Cally Coleman, Adilyn Schow, and Tylee Venable was third at 4:55.

The medley relay team for the sixth grade was Addyson Murdock, Arianna Rodriquez, Kailey Pickett, and Emree Hanks. They had a fourth place finish at 2:36.12. The older team was Baylee Owens, Izzy Haycock, Anistyn Tovey, and Joni Beck. They were fourth at 2:13.19.

Hailey Briel threw the shot put to fifth place at 18 feet 7.75 inches. Arianna Rodriquez was sixth at 17 feet 2.25 inches. For the older girls, Miley Palmer was first with her throw of 33 feet 3.5 inches. Ambry Wakley was 10th at 23 feet 6.75 inches with McKenzie Leckie in 15th at 21 feet 7.75 inches.

Hailey Briel threw the discus 48 feet 8 inches for second for the 6th grade, Kailey Pickett threw into fourth place at 42 feet 9 inches. Arianna Rodriquez was fifth at 33 feet 7.5 inches. For the older girls, Miley Palmer was fourth at 64 feet. Olivia Nelson was 10th at 44 feet 8.5 inches. Whitnee Waldron was 13th at 43 feet 3 inches. McKenzie Leckie was 16th  at 40 feet 9 inches. Ambry Wakley was 18th at 37 feet 7.5 inches. Jaezie Jensen was 19th at 36 feet 2 inches. Bayli Nesbit was 21st at 32 feet 11.5 inches.

Bayli Nesbit was ninth in the high jump at 3 feet 10 inches.

Brinley Clark led the long jump for Malad’s 6th grade at 11 feet 11.5 inches for third place. Paige Talbot and Paige Talbot were 11th at 9 feet 6.5 inches. Madyson VanBebber was 13th at 9 feet 4 inches. Jenna Talbot was 14th at 9 feet 4.5 inches. Emree Hanks was 16th at 8 feet 8 inches. Kialey Pickett was 18th at 8 feet 3 inches.  For the 7th and 8th grade, Brynnlee Jones was seventh at 11 feet 10.75 inches. Baylee Owens was 16th at 10 feet 6 inches. Teagan Daniels was 17th at 10 fee t5 inches. Tylee Venable was 24th at 9 feet 5.5 inches. Lindi Young was 26th at 9 feet 3.5 inches.

Kaycee Venable won the 6th grade triple jump at 26 feet 1.25 inches. Anistyn Tovey was second for the 7th and 8th grade girls at 28 feet 7.75 inches. Izzy Haycock was third at 27 feet .25 inches. Brynnlee Jones was fourth at 26 feet 5.25 inches. Olivia Nelson was 11th at 21 feet 7 inches.