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Malad High School and Malad Middle School hold annual Spring Concert

May 26, 2021 10:47AM ● By Justin Adams

The Malad High School and Malad Middle School Music Departments hosted their annual Spring concert on Thursday, May 13, in the Malad High School Gym. 

The concert was divided into two separate concerts. The first hour was the Malad Middle School concert. It started off with the Sixth Grade Choir. They started with a song, “Talk Like a Pirate,” by Ruth Elaine Schram. Then they sang “Sixteen Tons,” by Rodney W. Thygerson. 

Members of the Sixth Grade Choir are Levi Balappa, Hope Briggs, Carter Daniels, Russell Eddings, Payton Hess, Braxden Kaufman, Drake Morrison, Kayson Neal, Dutch Potter, Arianna Rodriquez, Rylee Talbot, Delanie Walton, Jaxon Blaisdell, Brinley Clark, Carter Donnan, Brayzen Gibbs, Ethan Horsley, Aubrey Kennedy, Addysin Murdock, Bentley Oglesbee, Ryker Purdum, Tolivan Romero, Madyson VanBebber, Lindy Williams, Kambree Bluemel, Ayla Coleman, Laine Dorius, Rhone Gleckler, Jenetta Jacaway, Bella McCullough, Braun Nalder, Dawsyn Peterson, Connor Purser, Jayson Spencer and Kaycee Venable.  

The Seventh Grade Choir then took the stage. This group started off with “Dream a Dream,” by Ed Robertson. They then followed with “Ching-A-Ring-Chaw,” by Aaron Copland.  

Performing with the Seventh Grade were Cameron Allen, Emma Bird, Brooks Blaisdell, Isabella Bowen, Destiny Brees, Matthew Briscoe, Colt Coleman, Denae Colgrove, Quincee Hammer, Scarlet Hawkes, Isabella Haycock, Jens Huckaby, Kameron Hunt, Jaezie Jensen, Daxton Jimenez, Kameron John, Brynlee Jones, Chase Martin, Rebecca McCracken, Kendon McCullough, Porter Mills, Bayli Nesbit, Ayden Potter, Zachary Reiss, Mark Reyes, Caleb Roe, Tylynn Ryver, Colton Simmons, Evangeline Smith, Paisley Smith, James Walker-Bufkin, Kason Ward, Tabitha Webster, Jack Willie and Samuel Willie.  

The Middle School Madrigals are an after-school choir directed by Jennifer Sperry with Kathy Atkinson accompanying them. They include just five performers. They sang, “I Won’t Grow Up,” by Carol Leigh and Mark Charlap, arranged by Sally K. Albrecht.  

The Beginning Band featured students at every age that were just beginning their band experience. They were very impressive as they played several selections. They started off with “Trumpet Voluntary,” by Jeremiah Clarke, arranged by Bruce Pearson. They then played “Dr. Rock,” by Chuck Ellelge.  

The members of the Beginning Band are (Flute) Brinley Clark, Abigail Cox, Kialey Pickett, (Trumpet) Levi Balappa, Tanner Howard, Jeremiah Peterson, Colton Simmons, Jayson Spencer, Delanie Walton, (Baritone) Marshall Asay, Carter Smith, (Clarinet) Hope Briggs, Emree Hanks, Jenetta Jacaway, Rebecca McCracken, (French Horn) Aubrey Kennedy, Johanna Zabriskie, (Electric Bass) Roper Higley, (Alto Saxophone) Tavin Barnes, Paige Talbot, Mary Zabriskie, Doris Young, (Trombone) Carter Donnan, Bentley Jones, Myriam Teeples, (Percussion) Dallus Facer, Rustin Jones and Aiden Stewart.  

The Intermediate Band was next to take the floor. This band started off with “Rock Island Express.” This was written by Chuck Elledge. They then played “Beethoven: Four Dances - I, II, and III,” by Ludwig van Beethoven. They finished with “Summer’s Rain,” by Chuck Elledge.  

This group includes (Flute) Cora Asay, Maren Sperry, (Trumpet) Isaiah Bingham, Jens Huckaby, Paisley Smith, Jaquelynn Young, (Clarinet) Denae Colgrove, Easton Wrigley, (French Horn) Hayes Teeples, (Baritone) Quate Carter, Serena Whipple, (Alto Saxophone) Bronson Garrett, Daxton Jimenez, Collin Spencer, (Trombone) Gianna Sauro, (Percussion) Zane Komrofske and Bayli Nesbit.  

After a brief intermission, the high school performing groups took the stage. This part of the performance started off with the Concert Band. This group performed “St. Petersburg March,” by Johnnie Vinson. They then played “Appalachian Morning,” by Robert Sheldon. They ended with “Ascensions,” by Rob Romeyn. For this final number, the band had a guest timpanist, Mrs. Jennie McClain, a teacher at Malad High School.  

Members of the Concert Band were (Flute) Elyzabeth Teeples, (Alto Saxophone) Lindi Young, (Trumpet) Bridger deJong, Benjamin Martin, Sedar Nesbit, Alex White, Erin Wright, (Clarinet) Clara Huckaby, Savanna Young, Winona Young, (French Horn) Maclaren Garrett, Jaxom Whipple, (Baritone) Daniel Lenaghen, (Bass Clarinet) Addler Garrett, (Baritone Saxophone) Brayden Searle, (Trombone) Curtis Huckaby, Gavin Price, (Piano/Percussion) Hallee Haycock, (Percussion) Conner Worrell. 

The High School Choir then performed. This group is accompanied by Patsy Bybee. They started off with “Seal Lullaby,” by Alex Whitacre. They then sang “Fly Away Home,” by Pink Zebra. Their final number was “I will Sing You the Stars,” by Mark Burrows.  

This group included Cortlyn Coleman, Anna Noble, Loralee Teeples, Maggie Willie, Maclaren Garrett, Whitney Palmer, Ashley Ward, Paige Wilson, Jaecee Jeppsen, Megan Simmons, Natalie Webster, Addler Garrett, Hallee Haycock, Kayanna Kunz, MaKayla Marshall, Anatum Peterson, Raegan Smith, Kaleigh Worrell, Sarah Young, Gabriel Bingham and Tyler Wilson.  

There is also a Chamber Choir that the students audition for. This group is accompanied by Helen Ward. This group started off with “In Meeting We Are Blessed,” by Troy D. Robertson. They also sang “Lollipop,” by Beverly Ross and Julius Dixon. The girls then split off and sang their own numbers. They sang “O Love,” by Elaine Hagenberg. They also sang “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho,” by Van A Christy.  

The Chamber Choir includes Maclaren Garrett, Whitney Palmer, Ashley Ward, Maggie Willie, Sarah Young, Hallee Haycock, Raegan Smith, Kaleigh Worrell, Gabe Bingham, Gavin Price, Jaxon Whipple, Riley Cluff and Tyler Wilson. 

All three of the high school performing groups were awarded an excellent rating at their recent district competition. Mr. Garrett recognized this accomplishment at the concert, pointing out this was the highest rating possible for the students to earn in the competition.