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Hospital Recognizes Staff for their Dedication during Covid-19 Pandemic and 2 Retirees

May 26, 2021 10:44AM ● By Justin Adams

During this past year, health care workers have shown an incredible and steadfast commitment to providing quality care. Nell J. Redfield Memorial Hospital, Long-term Care, Home Health and Clinic are grateful for their dedicated staff as they stepped up to the challenge and cared for our community with teamwork, compassion, and excellence. 

In recognition of Nurse’s Week, C.N.A. Week, Hospital Week and Nursing Home Week, the facility would like to thank each staff member for their important contributions: 

Eldalaine Allen, Mindy Allen, Richard Allen, Morgan Anselmi, Nancy Asay, Angelica Baca, Rowdy Barnes, Shannon Barnes, Rayleigh Barnes, Brenda Barney, Karen Beck, Alica Bell, Christina Bernal, Irene Bird, Hannah Bird, Jennifer Blanchard, Melanie Bowcutt, Steven Bowen, James Briscoe, Ada Campbell, Pauline Cardona, Sydney Carpenter, Shirley Carter, Tresie Carter, Elizabeth Clark, Bo Clark, Cynthia Clarke, Greg Compton, Lara Corbridge, Denise Creager, Jillene Daniels, Janae Daniels, Jade Daniels, Tyson Daniels, Ashley Davis, Lane Davis, Mary Jo Davis, Mckayleigh Davis, Paula Davis, Zeph Davis, Cindy Dawson, Deana Dayton, Riley Dorius, Kim Driskel, Hesston Duessler, Karren Edwards, Kristy Eliason, Katelyn Eliason, Julie Estep, Katherine Estep, Sue Evans, James Everson, Marty Farmer, Ashley Francis, Tasha Fullerton, Marilyn Goddard, Brooklynn Gross, Alicia Hall, Cathy Hall, Shelby Hamilton, Storm Hammer, Thomas Hammer, Jessi Harms, Catherine Harmston, Shandis Harris, Britney Leckie, Shannon Hess, Sherry Hess, Kathy Hicks, Natalie Higley, Cynthia Hill, Jennifer Hill, Kendall Hill, Gianesi Hillyard, Dr. Robert Hodson, Mekelle Hollingsworth, Cindy Howard, Shane Howard, Francis Hubbard, Kathy Hubbard, Shannen Hudnell, Laura Jacobsen, Rylee Jacobsen, Callie Jensen, Catherine Jensen, Nicole Jensen, Hayli Jeppsen, Jase Johnson, Emily Jones, Lacie Jones, Wes Jones, Vicky Kent, Shaelie Ketchell, Jennifer Lloyd, Kyle Lutz, Carra Madsen, Makyla Madsen, Melissa Madsen, Michelle Madsen, Alix Marble, Misty Mata, Robin Mateski, Caroliene Mathews, Elsie Maughan, Kelli Mcclellan, Nancy Mckinney, Kali Miller, Karrie Miller, Chloe Mills, Pamela Mills, Diana Monson, Colleen Montgomery, Marilyn Morley, Scott Morley, Shauna Nalder, Cammy Nielsen, Rachelle Olsen, Stephanie Ostrom, Shay Palmer, Kodi Phillips, Dr. James Pickett, Jordan Pope, Donna Potter, Michelle Potter, Rhonda Poulson, Verta Price, Becky Profaizer, Griselda Ramos, Kylie Rich, Paula Kaye Rich, Kristi Richardson, Kevin Rogers, Camille Schow, Talissa Schow, Kaydin Schwartz, Krichele Smith, Rhiannon Smith, Chris Stein, Sally Stocks, Lindon Tanner, Tracy Tapp, Katie Tapp, Ariel Taysom, Dr. Davis Teeples, Jean Thomas, Chloe Thomas, Michael Turpin, Jessica Turpin, Ruby Vanderwoude, Austin Wadsworth, Shayna Waldron, Natalie Walton, Sherry Wangsgard, Kasey Ward, Telsy Ward, Jackie Weeks, John Williams 

During the hospital’s recent employee appreciation luncheon, the hospital honored 2 staff members that have been with the facility for 46 years and are retiring from their full-time positions, Nancy Asay and Sherry Hess.  

Nancy graduated in 1975 from Boise State University with an Associate Degree in Nursing. She went on to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from West Haven University in 2004. 

Nancy started her nursing career at the hospital in 1975 as a Registered Nurse. In 1994, she was promoted to the Hospital Director position. Nancy was part of the hospital’s leadership team when the hospital made the decision in 1999 to become a Critical Access Hospital. The hospital was the 3rd facility in Idaho to be surveyed as a Critical Access Hospital and did well. The hospital gained state and national recognition as the model hospital for the Critical Access process.  

Nancy has seen many great changes in nursing over the years. In the 70’s, very few items were disposable, and there were no computers. Nancy is grateful for the changes with technology. She remembers the first Laparoscopic surgery done in our facility and adds “Best change ever!” 

Sherry Hess also started her career with the hospital in 1975 with the dietary department. Sherry always understood the important role that the dietary department plays in helping patients and residents stay well-nourished and healthy. She has cooked many delicious meals for the patients, residents, and staff over the years. She remembers when dinner was $.30/meal for the staff. One of Sherry’s favorite meals to cook is lasagna. She remembers when they built onto the nursing home and what a great addition that was for our community. For years, Sherry worked weekends so she could babysit her grandkids during the week. 

Sherry’s mother taught her to cook. She was the oldest daughter and would often cook for her 3 siblings when her mother was at work. Sherry cooked at Deep Creek Inn before being recruited to cook at the hospital.  

The hospital wishes Nancy and Sherry the very best in their new adventures. We appreciate their expertise and the wonderful care that they have provided our community the past 46 years. 

Thank you to our staff for rising above the challenges that this past year has presented and having a collaborative dedication to providing quality and compassionate care. 

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