Notice of Property Sale


NOTICE is hereby given, pursuant to Idaho Code§ 31-808(1), that Oneida County,Idaho, a political subdivision of the state of Idaho, by and through the Board of Oneida County Commissioners,shall auction, to the highest bidder, certain real property situated in Oneida County, located at or near 625 South 5800 West. The auction will take place at 9:00a.m., March 13, 2017 in the Commissioners room at the Oneida County court house located at 10 Court Street, Malad,Idaho. This property is more particularly described as follows:

COMMENCING at a point 21 rods North and 15 feet East  of the SW  Corner of the NE1/4SW1/4 THENCE running North 532.50 feet, more or less THENCE East  144 feet, more of less  to the West bank of the Samaria Water and irrigation Co. THENCE SWerly  following the West bank of said canal to a point 30 feet, more or less, East of the point of beginning, THENCE West 30 feet, more or less,to the point of beginning.

Said property was acquired by tax deed, and will be sold “AS  IS.” The name of the taxpayer as it appears in the delinquent tax certificate upon which the tax deed was issued is Logan Family Trust,c/o William A. Logan. The Board of county commissioners has set the minimum bid for the property at an amount which includes all property taxes owing, late charges, interest, fees and costs, including cost associated with or related to encumbrances on the property as well as fees and costs associated with the advertising, sale and transfer of the property. The Board of County Commissioners will accept certified funds only, and does hereby expressly reserve the right to reject any and all bids. More information on the subject property and this proposed sale is available at the Oneida County Clerk’s office, 10 Court Street, Malad, Idaho,and can be reviewed upon request during normal business Hours.
/s/ Max C. Firth
Max C. Firth, Chairman
Oneida County Commissioners

Attest: /s/ Matthew L Colton
Matthew L. Colton
Oneida County Clerk
# 4843 3-9-17-T1

Some Roads In Oneida County Closed

Road Update
Wednesday Morning, February 22, 2017

According to the Oneida County Commissioners the following
ROADS ARE CLOSED to Local Traffic Only
1. 5800 W
2. Back Road to Samaria
3. Woodruff to Portage

Roads with Water Over the Road
1. ALL Stone & Holbrook
2. Highway 191 Woodruff

PLEASE Slow down. The water on the roads turns to ice overnight causing BLACK ICE.

If you do not need to travel on “closed” road, Please do not! Additional weight is causing these roads to break up and fall apart.

Be KIND and RESPECTFUL. Our county employees are doing the best they can . . . . please be patient.

Thank you.

Jesse James cabin returns home

Last week, Travis and Ernest Palmer brought the logs for the Jesse James Cabin home to the Palmer Ranch. For the last several years, the logs have been laying under a cattle shed in the Atkinsons’ field in Samaria. The Palmers want to express their sincere thanks to the Atkinsons for housing the logs.
Ernest Palmer had this to say, “We carefully loaded the logs on the truck and brought them home to the ranch.  It was fun seeing how the logs may have possibly been put together – some have hand carved round pegs. I was also thrilled to discover lots of square handmade nails, which are quite old.”
Palmer says that the restoration is tentatively scheduled for next September. “I want to reassure everyone that we are definitely moving ahead with the project and all the donations we have received so far will be put to use.” Palmer continued, “I’m finding it difficult to get the time away. I can only afford to be here a couple weeks at a time, so it looks like we will split the restoration over two or three summers. Next September, we will do the foundation of the cabin and we will be looking for volunteers to help with the project. We’ll put an announcement in the paper at that time. We will also need donations of lumber and concrete.”
When asked about the budget, Palmer seemed embarrassed. “I’m afraid I was a bit optimistic on how much the restoration would cost. I’ve told many people how much money I thought we would need, and after enough of them chuckled, shook their head and said “Good luck with that”, I decided to take a much more thorough look at the budget! Our revised estimate is now $12,000. We have raised $2,700 so far and hope to get grants for 50% of the budget, which means we still need to raise $3,300.”  Donations are tax deductible and can be made online at the website: or mailed to: Jesse James Cabin, 3798 W. 500 S., Malad, ID 83252.
Palmer added, “I’m overwhelmed at the amount of interest and support we have received from the Malad community. I believe the Jesse James Cabin will be a fascinating museum and a point of pride for our valley. I am really looking forward to its completion.”  Photos and updates on the restoration of the Jesse James Cabin can be found on their website: . And you can contact Ernest Palmer via email at (Editor’s note – Former Cowboy? Once a cowboy, always a cowboy. You can’t get out of it that easy! – KDS)Logs 1 Logs 3 Logs 4

High school students having fun during Homecoming week

As we watch another year of Homecoming come and go, we realize how fast time flies and many of us remember back to our own Homecoming days. This year held more rain than most, but the rest of the week looks promising for nicer weather. Don’t miss the parade on October 3 at noon and the Homecoming football game at 7 p.m. More pictures and details will be featured this week in the Idaho Enterprise.

Go Dragons!

Instead of piling into a car, students piled into the center circle of the gym. The junior class had it figured out how to win by using the piggyback technique.

Instead of piling into a car, students piled into the center circle of the gym this year. The junior class figured out the easiest way to win by using the piggyback technique.