Responders & Leaders Say: “Be Prepared For Eclipse Influx!”

Oneida County’s emergency responders and leaders met Monday in anticipation of a massive influx of individuals traveling to and from the Rexburg/Idaho Falls area for the total eclipse on Monday, August 21. They discussed emergency communications, law enforcement and emergency health services, and possible need for ham radio communications. Law enforcement and emergency health care staff will be beefed-up. The state road department has equipment ready to push stranded vehicles off the roadways if needed. Bottled water is stockpiled at the sheriff’s office.
Residents are asked to plan for possible loss of cell phone and related services, stock-outs at area businesses due to accommodation of the large number of travelers, and extremely congested roadways.
Please plan ahead: fill your vehicles’ gas tanks NOW. Shop NOW for supplies to last (at least) from Friday through Tuesday. Are your prescriptions filled? Be realistic about the congested roadways. Traffic will arrive in Idaho over a few days prior to Monday, but most of the estimated 100,000 to 400,000 individuals will leave the viewing areas immediately at the end of the eclipse. EXPECT traffic delays, so, if you’re traveling, have your vehicles stocked with life-sustaining supplies.
Be smart! Be calm! And be safe!