O’Neal to be Director of Educational Support; District Seeking Principal for MHS

At noon on Thursday, June 22, 2017, Dr. Rich Moore, Superintendent of Oneida School District, issued the following email message to all teachers at Malad High School:

“I am writing to share an internal transfer that has an impact on your school [Malad High School]. I have assigned Rob O’Neal to be Director of Educational Support. This position has been created to give necessary support for the recent implementation of numerous new education programs in our District. Rob has broad expertise and skill sets in many of these new programs. He will oversee and give implementation support to such programs as PowerSchool Learning, PLC [Professional Learning Communities], new curriculum adoptions, one-to-one [electronic] device initiatives, RTI [Response to Intervention], mastery-based reporting, formative data collection and analysis, and technology support.

This new administrative position has been created from additional funding made available from increased enrollment in our virtual school [Idaho Home Learning Academy]. There will be no financial impact to our “brick-and-mortar” budgets due to this position.”

The District will be advertising the high school principal opening, putting together an interview committee, and making a selection in the next few weeks.