MHS Featured Football Player of the Week

Ilan Anderson, Senior Wide Receiver and Defensive Back

This week’s Malad High School Featured Player of the Week is

Ilan Anderson (#8) and his teammate Josh Jensen (#2) wrap up an opponent last Friday against Sugar-Salem.

Ilan Anderson (#8) and his teammate Josh Jensen (#2) wrap up an opponent last Friday against Sugar-Salem.

senior wide receiver and defensive back Ilan Anderson. Ilan is a 5’9″ 135 pound speedster for the Malad Dragons. He brings a great attitude to the team both on and off the field. He is a vocal leader and can be found helping his teammates both before and after practice on the field. At times, Anderson will also return kick offs for the Dragons. Ilan also participates in track and cheerleading for MHS.

According to Head Coach Coda Tchida, Ilan brings something special to this team. He said, “Ilan is a high-energy player. He is quick to praise his teammates when they do their job on the field, and is their to help them get it right and push them if they need that extra confidence boost.” Anderson is not only a speedy wideout, but a lockdown defender as well. “Ilan is fast enough to cause mismatches on the outside but is disciplined enough to lock down opponents,” Tchida continued.

While the Dragons are on a bye week, Anderson and his teammates have been spending the week preparing for their final three games; all of which are district games. Their main focus has been on district rival West Side, whom they play at home on Friday, October 11. Malad has had trouble stopping the run so far this year, and Ilan knows that West Side is going to come here and try to establish their powerful running game. He said, “West Side is like every opponent we have face so far. They will try to establish their run game, and they are really good at doing that. We have been practicing hard and watching a lot of film and are really lucky to have 2 full weeks of practice to make the necessary adjustments on the defensive side of the ball to be successful against them.”

While stopping the Pirates is key to winning the game, Anderson knows that the offense has to stay sharp and disciplined as well. “Our offense has been spot on the last few weeks, but we have not been able to pull out a victory. We have to continue making plays and putting up points and eventually I believe everything else will fall into place,’ he said. “Having a bye week is good for the team, because it allows us to get healthy and it allows us to figure out exactly what we are going to do on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. It also just makes it that much more exciting because we have been waiting for two weeks to get out their and play against a tough district opponent. I know we will be ready to go.”

Ilan and the Dragons will be in action for their final home game against the West Side Pirates on Friday, October 11. Kickoff is set for 7:00 p.m. here in Malad.

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