Native American Dancers to perform at Malad Scarecrow Festival on Saturday

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Typical dance maneuvers include a lot of movement in the arms and upper body, and dancers wear intricately designed attire.

The Malad Scarecrow Festival will kick off Saturday, September 28, 2013.   Among the many-featured events of the day, one highlight is the Native American Dancers out of Salt Lake City. The group of drummers and dancers is made up mostly of youth who are learning about the culture and traditions within the powwow circle and their individual tribal customs. When they started out a couple years ago as a drum group, they drummed under the name Southern War Pony. Most of the drummers were already dancers in the powwow circle as well and were champion dancers across the powwow trail. Represented by our young group are many tribes, including Diné (Navajo), Ute, Hualapai, Shoshone, Pueblo, and a few more.

Because of their high energy and desire to uphold their cultural beliefs and traditions, they have been called upon to perform, educate, and help other

Members of this group of young Native American Dancers, assembled in front of a dance arbor, will perform at the Malad Scarecrow Festival on Saturday.

Members of this group of young Native American Dancers, assembled in front of a dance arbor, will perform at the Malad Scarecrow Festival on Saturday.

individuals, businesses, organizations, schools, and the community. The drummers and dancers love to share their knowledge and talents given to them by the Creator and do so with much respect and honor. They are considered leaders and role models for the youth by recognizing the discipline it takes to be a dancer and drummer in everyday life, according to Michelle Robb, the group’s spokesperson.
Another highlight is a band, Coyotee Moon, featuring former Malad residents – the Lewis brothers, Steve and Terry Lewis, along with Lisa Stubblefield. The western music harmony trio has performed at other Scarecrow Festivals in the past, at the Malad Valley Welsh Festival and just recently spent the whole day performing at the huge Malad’s 4th of July celebration. Their passion for preserving the western way of life is reflected in the songs they play and sing. They not only write their own songs and sing about the cowboy way of life, but rounding up the cattle, branding the calves and playing music around the campfire is what they love the most. The three part harmonies are tightly blended together with Steve Lewis on lead guitar, Lisa Stubblefield on rhythm, and Terry Lewis on bass.

Another fun event will be the Demolition Derby, which will start at 7:00 p.m. The Demolition Derby will also hold the Redneck Olympics. There will be many events in the Redneck Olympics. Events include the Si Lookalike Contest, in which participants dress up like the famous Duck Dynasty TV personality, the toilet lid toss, sprite banana chugging and a mustache contest. There are no entry fees and no pre-registration for these events.

In past years the Scarecrow Festival has been a huge success, and with a few new events, it promises to be even better this year! Displays will be open at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 28 and the concession stand will open at 4:00 p.m. New events for this year’s Scarecrow Festival are the Ugliest Dog Contest and Sheep Camp exhibits.

Other events include a chili cook-off, sponsored by the Oneida County Hospital, the Biggest pumpkin contest, Chicken Poop Bingo, scarecrow displays, an antique tractor show, a horseshoe pitching contest, a blacksmith demonstration by Lonnie Jensen, the announcement of the Where’s Willie? contest winner and lots of vendors.

The Festival is jam-packed with a lot of fun events and displays, head to the fair grounds Saturday and enjoy all of the fun events associated with the 2013 Festival.