Oneida High School Graduates 6 in Spring 2013 Class

     Six students graduated from Oneida High School (OHS) on Wednesday, May 22, 2013. Those graduating as the OHS Class of 2013 included Hunter Clark, Brodie Higley, Chris Hill, Jacob McKinney, Anna Oja, and Tiffiany Williams. The Master of Ceremonies for the Graduation was Principal Terri Sorensen Also in attendance were Superintendent David Risenmay, OHS Instructor Randy Willie, Secretary Sharon Showell, along with members of the Oneida School Board.
Oneida High Schools’ Graduating Class of 2013 included:  (left to right) Hunter Clark, Brodie Higley,  Jacob McKinney, Chris Hill, Anna Oja, and Tiffiany Williams.

Oneida High Schools’ Graduating Class of 2013 included: (left to right) Hunter Clark, Brodie Higley, Jacob McKinney, Chris Hill, Anna Oja, and Tiffiany Williams.

Mrs. Irene Alder delivered the commencement speech.
     “Oneida High School was started at a time when students were dropping out because of attendance/tardy issues, who were behind in credits needed for graduation and/or had obstacles they had to overcome in order to finish high school. Superintendent Lynn Schow and the Board of Trustees had a vision to help students succeed in a nontraditional learning environment and Oneida High School was born.”
     She continued, “You graduates are here today because of your perseverance, the support of your parents and families, and the dedicated educators associated with your school. I was privileged to be one of the first teachers at Oneida High School and proud to be associated with this school.
     “In the community Oneida High School seems to have a stigma attached to it but those of us who work here know you are outstanding young men and young women. Just look where you are today. You have met the state graduation requirements just like the students at Malad High School. You have a diploma as equal in value.”
She then continued, “Each of you are unique and have different reasons for attending school here. You can be successful in the future if you have a positive attitude. It can make a difference in how people perceive you. Do you have a positive or a negative attitude when dealing with people and life? If you are positive and pleasant to be around, get along with those you work with or come in contact with, your chances of success will be greater. People don’t like to be around people who are negative and are hard to get along with.
     “Have balance in your life. Don’t be extreme one way or another. Up to this point you have had people who have been there to help you with this balance.  You have had a great support system such as your teacher, Mr. Willie, who is calm in the classroom; Mrs. Showell, who sticks-up for you like a grandmother.  She even defends you when I get a little upset with you at times and is like the voice of reason; and Mrs. Sorensen will go to battle for you and this school. She is your champion.
“Follow through, be as good as your word and have a good work ethic!”
     She also added, “On May 3, 2013, I was reading the paper and a statement caught my eye. Former U. S. Senator Larry Craig issued a challenge to the University of Idaho graduates on May 2 and I issue that same challenge to you today. He said, “You have all persevered, you got it done – now what are you going to do?” I liked that statement because it applies to all of you graduates this evening! YOU have persevered, You got it done – now what are YOU going to DO?”
     Principal Sorensen recommended the class for graduation before the presentation of diplomas to the new graduates.