State Board repeals online graduation reqiurement

(Boise). The State Board of Education today repealed the pending rule that required students graduating in 2016 to take two online courses to graduate from high school. With Idaho voters rejecting Proposition 3 in the recent election, the Board decided the online requirement should be repealed and future requirements should be discussed as part of ongoing education reform efforts. “The voters sent the education system a clear message that all stakeholders must be involved in developing and implementing reform,” said State Board President Ken Edmunds. “The Board is committed to ensuring that students have the skills they need to succeed when they graduate from high school. Knowing how to learn effectively in an online environment is a critical skill, and the Board looks forward to the opportunity to revisit this issue with stakeholders.” Superintendent Luna concurred, “There is a need to make sure every student graduates from high school prepared to go on to postsecondary education and the workforce, which includes the skills to learn and work in a digital environment. After the vote on November 6, we will need to come at this with a different process and through a different approach.” The Board also approved repeal of the rule regarding Fractional Average Daily Attendance (ADA), which was rendered null and void with the rejection of Proposition 3. The rule provided that ADA be calculated based on time spent in various programs or online courses and created a basis for fractional ADA calculations among multiple providers. Due to the rejection of Proposition 1, the State Department of Education requested that the Board repeal the pending rule to incorporate parent and principal input as part of teacher evaluations. The Board approved repeal of this pending rule. School personnel evaluation procedures are already established in Administrative Rule and amendments may be brought forward in the future.