9/11 – Never Forget

Boy Scouts place flags in front of Malad homes in memory of 9/11

Boy Scouts place flags in front of Malad homes in memory of 9/11

The motto, “Never Forget” has been taken up as a rallying cry by many Americans to remind people of one of the most terrible days in U.S. history. Today is the 13th anniversary of the infamous terrorist attacks launched by al-Qaeda upon the United States on September 11, 2001. The Islamic terrorist group launched four coordinated attacks, hijacking aircraft which crashed into the World Trade Center twin towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. One airplane crashed over Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after its passengers tried to overcome the hijackers.

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From Our Files

20 YEARS AGO – 1992
Mrs. Horsley’s 4th grade class and other members of the community made Malad’s Veterans Day program one of the best in the state. Students are Sylvia Larkins, Jennifer Reeder, Rusty Jones, Kassandra Stockwell, Ryan Gilgen, Candice Winward, Sean Rawlings, Lance Leavitt, Jesse Scott, Alex Blaisdell, Dave Allred, Matt Isaacson, Ashley Stokes, Cami Morrill, Dusty Edwards, Danielle Asay, Bryan VanBebber, Miriam Alger, Lacie Nieffenegger, Crystal Hobson, Debbie Horsley, Marilyn Ward, Mark Alder, Jay Hansen, Ralph Bennett, Louis Dredge and Con Alder.
Lucile Harrison and Mary Matthews, members of Malad’s Cemetery Improvement Committee, are pictured showing off the stately monument that now marks the entrance to the Malad Cemetery.
The third annual Christmas Parade of Homes will be held on Friday, December 11. Committee members of this year’s delightful event are Cherie Blaisdell, Kay Caldwell, Shelly Thorpe and Ann Alger. A variety of new and old homes will be toured this year including the 100 year old home presently owned by Lyle and Sue Braegger. Other homes on the tour are Dan and Jeanne Earl, Max and Rhonda Neal, Dan and Susie Williams, Keith and Jill Blaisdell, and Nolan A. and Cherie Blaisdell.
Malad’s veterans were honored November 11 in a special Veterans Day observance. Those who were able to attend are Rick Madsen, Navy; Glen B. Williams, Air Force; Bill Willie, Navy; Oren Jones, Air Force; Ren Dives, Air Force; Dale Reese, Navy; Bill Neal, Marines; Jess Ward, Army; Jack Brinkerhoff, Army; Wayne Wakley, Army; Ted Bowen, Army Air Force; Con Alder, Air Force; Harold Nielsen, Navy; Elbert Sweeten, Navy; George Alger, Army; D.D. “Toad” Bohn, Army; Frank Stocks, Army; Bob Potts, Air Force; Carl Isaacson, Army and Gerald Scott, Navy.
Gerald Scott, Gene Caldwell and Dale Reese, of the American Legion, transported a pickup load of canned goods to the Veterans Hospital in Pocatello. The food was collected by students of Malad Elementary School.
The Dude Ranch team, composed of Linda Hess, Nanette Shaw, Sheila Hawkins and Peggy Smith, won 1st place in the just completed Gutter Gussie Tournament.
30 YEARS AGO – 1982
Windows were broken and shattered at three business establishments Monday afternoon, when explosive primer cord was used by LeGrande Johnson Construction Company to cut off the end of the culvert on South Main. Albert’s Union 76 Service, Mountain Livestock Feed and Seed, and Peabody Garage each suffered extensive window damage despite some precautions, which were taken. Within a short time, all windows were boarded up.
Lawrence Budge, Sr. was 14 years old when he started to work for R. T. Rhees, then one of the largest beekeepers in the United States. This was in 1914. Some time later his brother, Frances, asked him to go into the bee business with him in Malad and he did. He added to his Malad business by expanding to Montana. Upon retiring, his son, Larry Jr., took over operations in Montana and son, Wayne, took them over in Malad. The Malad honey plant is located at 300 West 700 North.
The following fifth and sixth grade students help tutor in the Malad Elementary Resource Room under the guidance of their instructor, Kris Blaisdell: Bambi Green, Jana Dredge, Johanna Keller, Ester Jensen, Melissa Evans, Javier Alonzo, Erin Jones, Jason Rich, Amy Rohner, Tamber Esplin, Tony Lopey, and Marla Nielson.
Pam Bybee of Malad, daughter of Andy and Patsy Bybee has earned a spot on the Utah State University Aggiettes.
The Go-Set club met at Marvelene Broadhead’s home. Mrs. Broadhead served a delicious dessert dish. Bingo was won by Debbie Braker; High by Sandra Jones, and Low by Elaine Bohn. Special guests were Sidney Ipsen and Wendy Jones. Members present were Shirley Chugg, Joan Hawkins, Elaine Bohn,  Sandra Jones, Kathleen Allen and Debbie Braker.
Mrs. Shirley Grubb has been appointed Grand Chaplain of the Grand Chapter of Idaho Order of the Eastern Star.
40 YEARS AGO – 1972
Malad High Senior Ball Royalty for the annual dance included Larry Christensen, Mr. Senior; Janice Jones, Miss Seniorette; Kim Hartvigsen, Julie Parry, Jeff Jones and Sherrie Sweeten, attendants.
Among those listed on the annual servicemen’s Christmas greeting list were Ernest Glen Schwartz, T.D. Jones, Jr., Terrell W. South, David J. South, Ralph D. Clark, Timothy F. Davis, Burke Peterson, William R. Clark, T.O. Jones, Gary L. Thomas, Ralph T. Jones, Bobby J. John, Kleal J. Price, Don W. Thomas, Ralph Hanson, T.O. Daniels, Dan E. Anderson, Lyle T. Jones, Gary L. Roderick, Eldon J. Jones, Dale Wharton, R.C. Smith, Charles Don Atkinson, Phil G. Bake, Arthur H. Atkinson, Steven R. Barker, Thomas C. Goddard and Ralph E. Hardin.
Results at Malad Bowl: City Asociation’s Bowler of the Week is Dean Denney, 720 handicap series bowled in the Early Bird League: Men’s City League: High game, Cecil John, 226; Champion League: High series, Don Goddard, 532; high game, Clyde Hansen, 194; high average, Vee Peden, 175; Guys & Dolls League: High series, Vadel and Marie Swenson, high game, John and Grace Hill, 428; Midnite League: High game, Betty Kay Gardner, 211; high series, Peggy Smith and Delpha Hubbard, 509; high average, Delpha Hubbard, 162; turkey winners, Betty Kay Gardner, 635, and Valene Quinney, 243; Early Bird League: high series and age, Dean Denney, 621 and 229; high average, Jack Madson, 173; Pinpoppers: high series, Ruth Blaisdell, 587; high game, Clarice Lewis, 198; Winners of turkeys: high series, Ruth Blaisdell, 587; Grace Hill and Dorothy Stayner, 601; high handicap game, Clarice Lewis, 249.
Advertisment: $50 Reward – To anyone giving information leading to the arrest and conviction of person or persons turning on fire hydrants and molesting signs and property of Malad City.
Terrell Harris, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Harris, was recently named district supervisor for Fashion Fabrics in Seattle and surrounding areas in Washington.
Polly’s Beauty Salon is now offering its customers a complete line of “New Leafe Boutique” fashions.
Dragons Doings, written by Martha Evans – On November 17 and 18, band and chorus members traveled to Blackfoot to attend the Band Clinic. Sherrie Sorensen, Alyce Alder, David Gillies and Elvin Hill were members of the Honors Band. Members of the Clinic Band were Laurie Willie, Trudy Hanson, Debbie Corbridge, Cherie Corbridge, Bob Naugler, Steve Hess and Lucinda Lewis. In the Mixed Chorus were Brad Bowen, Todd Bybee, Sid Hess, David Wharton, Becky Crowther, Ginna Zivkovic, Debbie Eliason, Fayrine Hughes, Julie Williams, Daralis Williams, Jan Sweeten, and JoDel Leavitt. Celia Waldron, LaNette Barker, Ruth Connell and Kathy Gillies were chosen for the Girls’ Chorus.
Members of the Fine Arts Club and guests met November 18 at the Second Ward Relief Society room. Helen E. Jones, president, welcomed members and guests. Luncheon was served by the hostesses, Ila Elcock, Lorraine Dives, Pauline Buehler, Phyllis Stayner, Joyce T. Colton and Kathy Ipsen. Sharee Thomas, member of the program committee, introduced Mrs. Jane Bergen, a handwriting expert from Roy, Utah. Mrs. Bergen explained the history, principles, and uses of graphoanalysis.
Sherman Pierce, former Malad resident, was recently named unit manager of Simplot Soilbuilders for the Aberdeen-American Falls areas. His wife is the former Margie Dives.
50 YEARS AGO – 1962
Pictured were regular Oneida donors to the blood procurement program of the American Red Cross. The six, and the amounts they have donated since the R.C. Bloodmobile has been making visits to Malad are Gordon Conger, two gallons; Joe R. May, one gallon; James K. Goddard, one gallon; Ben Call, one gallon; Ren Ray Bowen, two gallons; Gerald Thomas, one gallon. Not shown is two gallon donor M.R. Hanson.
In a really swell photo, Carla Goddard, EldaLaine Archibald and Linda Romrell wait impatiently to start a Driver’s Training lesson as Oren J. Jones, instructor, and Lyle Tapper of Jones Chevrolet Co. discuss the program. The car, a Chevrolet Biscayne, is furnished free of charge to the Oneida School District by Jones Chevrolet. Mr. Jones says he appreciates the consideration and patience local drivers are extending to the beginners here.
Chosen Miss Seniorette and Mr. Senior of Malad High School and honored at the Senior Ball Wednesday night are Miss Gayle Blaisdell and Roger Goddard. Theme for the evening will be “Some Enchanted Evening”.
55 YEARS AGO – 1957
Colen H. Sweeten, Jr., has been appointed to fill the Oneida County clerk, auditor and recorder position by the county commissioners this week, filling the unexpired term of the late John H. McAllister.
Those from Malad attending a district meeting of the Idaho Municipal League in Pocatello Tuesday were Mayor Claude Kent, Councilman L.G. Tapper, City Attorney Jedd G. Owens, State Senator John V. Evans and State Representative Jenkin L. Palmer.
Malad High School news by Beth Dopp – Don’t forget the FFA “Sweetheart Ball: Friday evening, November 22, at the Malad High gym. Three girls have been selected as candidates by the FFA members and one will be crowned the “FFA Sweetheart of 1957-58”. The three are Mary Beth Gleed, Grace Thomas and Della Beth McAllister.
60 YEARS AGO – 1952
Frank Hynek, foreman for the Cahoon Construction Co. of Pocatello, expects to complete general contracting work on the new Malad elementary school building by the end of this week, C.O. Simpson, school superintendent, reports.
The Malad High School Senior Ball with the theme, “Red Sails in the Sunset” will be held in the high school gymnasium, November 21. Queen of the Ball is Alice Harding with Jackie Tovey, Karma Smith and Norma Reed as attendants.
65 YEARS AGO – 1947
Complimenting Miss Lila Scott who will be a November bride, Mrs. Norval Moss entertained at a kitchen shower Monday night at the home of Mrs. Grace May. The evening was spent in playing “bride” with Miss Shirley Thomas carrying off high and Miss Theda Evans, all-cut. Refreshments were served to 25 guests.
The annual initiation party for the G.A.A. of the Malad High School was held with the following new members initiated: Maureen Camp, Colleen Richard, JoAnn Williams, Mavis Williams, Jeanine Parry, Mary Jane Vanover, Elaine Smith, Babs Jones, Joy Richards, Cora Lee Nean, Shirley Thomas, Shirley Price, Anna Lou Williams and Leah Hobson.
The Harvest Ball sponsored by the FFA last Friday was a marked success. Fern Tovey was crowned FFA queen during the evening’s festivities. She replaces Molly Corbridge, last year’s queen. Candidates elected from each class and then voted upon by the entire student body were Luann Jones, freshman; Cheraldine Vaughn, sophomore; Elaine Smith, junior; and Fern Tovey, senior. Gordon Vaughn crowned the new queen. The Malad High Dance Band made its first appearance of the year and cider and spudnuts were sold during the evening.
70 YEARS AGO – 1942
Under the supervision of the local American Legion Post, about 50 tons of scrap were added to the already enormous pile on an excellent response on the part of the public to the Legion’s appeal for help in gathering this much-needed commodity.
One of the heaviest rain and snow storms this section has experienced started Saturday evening and by noon today a total of 2.15 inches of precipitation had fallen. Saturday, the day the present storm started was the warmest of the week, with a temperature of 55 Wednesday night and this morning 20 inches of snow fell.
75 YEARS AGO – 1937
Among those from Malad who were successful in the emergency elk hunt being held on the Pocatello reserve this week were Mrs. Arthur Meyers, Tom Evans, Ed E. Jones, T.J. Clark, Dr. V. P. Garst and Lawrence Budge.
Coach Howard Berg’s Malad Dragons ended a brilliant season by defeating a stubborn eleven from Afton, Wyoming by a score of 40 to 0 here last Thursday. Malad’s victory climaxed a season of nine consecutive wins without a loss. Coach Berg used 30 players in Thursday’s contest. Malad scored 249 points during the season and allowed the opposition only 8. Playing their last game for the Dragons were 12 seniors: Carl Jones, Roy Evans, Dick Greet, Jedd Owens, Weldon Woozley, Boyd Peck, Ekeal Price, George Fallis, Charles Buehler, Max Stuart, Jack Jones and Lynn Thorpe.
Farrell Jones, who has been making an excellent record as a jockey, arrived in Malad Wednesday to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jones. Farrell came here from Baltimore where he had participated in recent races and for San Francisco, his headquarters. He will then enter the big racing meets at Tanforan and Bay Meadows.
Among those from Malad who attended the Temple excursion to Logan Friday were Mrs. Thomas J. Jones, Mrs. Sam Price, Angus Stocking, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gleed, Mrs. Elizabeth Gleed, Mrs. Edwin R. Jones, Mrs. Williams Henderson, Mrs. Ernest Horsley, Mrs. James Hughes, Mrs. Emma Price and Mrs. Evan Price.
80 YEARS AGO – 1932
Nov. 5th marked the largest turkey pool sold in Oneida County, County Agent Ray J. Smith states. The pool handled 20,000 lbs. of dressed turkeys and the loading was assembled at the O.S.L. depot. Growers delivered their turkeys at this point where they were graded, weighed and crated for shipment to New York and other eastern markets, where they will be sold through Cooperative Marketing Association of the Northwest Turkey Growers of which the local Egg Producers Association is a member.
“Unless Oneida County and Malad Valley pull together in an effort to produce more than just 1 crop, we are sunk,” Mayor Jedd Jones told the editor of this paper, Leslie T. Foy, following an extended trip into various Midwest and coastal states.
“The Malad Lions Club this week swung behind Scouting to make it the major activity of their organization,” according to an address made last night by Lion President Clyde Hanson before a group of leaders throughout the Malad District. New officers of the Malad Valley Scout organization are Clyde Hanson, chairman; Joe Dudley, vice-chairman; N.W. Crowther and E.B. Sessions, finance officers; Guy Benson, camping; Vance Bigler, organization; Hyrum J. Hanson, court of honor.
Armistice Day was observed in Malad Friday under the sponsorship of the American War Mothers. The program covered an entire day’s span beginning at the Junior High building; a flag raising ceremony at the high school; a parade headed by the Legionnaires and the MHS band and a patriotic program in the Stake Tabernacle.