Michael Corbett named Principal at Malad High School; has roots in Oneida County

At the Oneida School Board meeting on Tuesday, July 18, the Board approved Michael Corbett as the new Malad High School principal. Mr. Corbett is currently the principal of Oakley High School and brings extensive leadership skills and experience to the position. He has degrees from Ricks College and Idaho State University with an administrative certificate from Northwest Nazarene University. Mr. Corbett was the top choice of the interview committee, which interviewed 7 applicants on Monday, July 17. The interview committee was comprised of school board members, high school teachers, the elementary school principal, staff members, and parents. Mr. Corbett has Malad roots. His grandmother was Hazel Lusk, long-time 1st grade teacher at Malad Elementary School.

High school students having fun during Homecoming week

As we watch another year of Homecoming come and go, we realize how fast time flies and many of us remember back to our own Homecoming days. This year held more rain than most, but the rest of the week looks promising for nicer weather. Don’t miss the parade on October 3 at noon and the Homecoming football game at 7 p.m. More pictures and details will be featured this week in the Idaho Enterprise.

Go Dragons!

Instead of piling into a car, students piled into the center circle of the gym. The junior class had it figured out how to win by using the piggyback technique.

Instead of piling into a car, students piled into the center circle of the gym this year. The junior class figured out the easiest way to win by using the piggyback technique.

Technology grant provides Chromebooks for Malad High School

Chromebooks are providing schools with unlimited learning resources. Thanks to Principal John Cockett and Vice Principal Teri Sorenson and their hard work in getting a grant for Chromebooks at the high school, students will have access to immediate and on-demand resources for project based learning and standardize digital tools.

 Austin Hubbard, Tyrell Neal, and Brady Hubbard smile for a picture while showing off their new Chromebooks.

Austin Hubbard, Tyrell Neal, and Brady Hubbard smile for a picture while showing off their new Chromebooks.

The benefits include providing students with the ability to collaborate in real time, increasing student/teacher and student/student communication, and moving from regular textbooks to digital textbooks.

Students who wish to purchase their Chromebook at the end of their senior year will have the opportunity to do so. As a pilot program, the school will adapt the program as they move forward.

Talk about getting rid of the excuse, “My dog ate my homework!”


Did you see Malad’s first high school soccer game?


A large crowd turned out to support the first high school soccer game ever played in Malad. The Malad Dragon’s Soccer Team played against American Falls and won their first game on Wednesday night in the field behind the middle school.

Read all about it in this weeks Idaho Enterprise!

Don’t Miss the Annual Football Contest!

It’s that time again! The Idaho Enterprise is proud to bring you this year’s Annual Football Contest. We are excited to see what this year brings.

Each advertiser has two teams listed. Pick the team you think will win, and write the name of that team on the entry line.

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Entries are due on Friday night by 5 PM. Any entries received after that will be void.

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