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Grandparents Only

Jun 19, 2024 05:01PM ● By By Gramma Dot

A generation ago, we would load up the kids and join the extended family in a migration to Oceanside, California, where we would spend a week at Marina Inn.  Cousins enjoying the beach, the pool, the theme parks and mostly each other.  The backdrop was new…palm trees, ocean, perfect 70-degree weather and nobody to tell you the lawn had to be mowed or to make your bed.  Everyone just hung out and enjoyed one perfect week.

Well, now, a generation later, the extended family has grown to hoard-size and family vacations have scaled back a bit.  The cousins are now parents, there are new “cousins,” and Brent and I are the Grandparents, but some things remain the same…the palm trees, the ocean, and perfect weather.  

The boys and their families rolled into Marina Inn last night.  Brad, however, didn’t make it till 5:00 am this morning, which is nothing new.  He showed up to the family ten years behind his brothers.  This morning one major tradition continued.  Theme Park Day with the Grands staying “home” at the resort.  They hit our place at 6:30ish for cereal, juice and muffins and then they were off.  As they drove out of the parking lot, Brent and I looked at each other and knew this was the one day where peace would reign.  

Back in the day, I remember trying to talk Grandma Red and Grandpa Blair into spending a day at Disneyland, but that was a non-negotiable.  “No, no, you go ahead and have a great time.  We will just stay back and putter.”  So, here I am staying back and puttering, enjoying the weather, the ocean and the palm trees and realizing I have become my mother and that is the Good Life.

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