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Grandparents Only

Jun 12, 2024 10:18AM ● By Gramma Dot

Boy, did I learn something this week and it is as baffling to me now as the Beatles were to my parents in the 60s.  Here’s the deal, you only wash Buckle jeans occasionally and when you do you turn them inside-out, you use cold water, detergent with no brightening agents, and you never dry them in the dryer.  Needless to say, I was in trouble.  I did get one thing right, I used cold water.  This revelation came as an absolute bolt out of the blue to me.  Let me tell you why…. 

These jeans have prefabricated holes in several spots.  Holes that are frayed.  Holes that are well, holes.  There is no hem, only a frayed edge.  From my perspective they look really worn out.  Well, my perspective is totally wrong according to the girls whose laundry I still occasionally do.  After this little blip though my laundry days could be over.  My first mistake was assuming the jeans were dirty.  They were on the floor, in the bathroom, and had been worn.  Up until this incident everything that has been worn has been defined as dirty.  No one informed me the rules had changed until Elle got her jeans out of the dryer and there were a few more frayed strings than before.  It was indeed a very sad day.

Well, while they were examining the damage, Hadley “searched up” the proper care for Buckle jeans to share with me and I quote… “Keep your destroyed and distressed jeans looking new by…”. That is an oxymoron…keep your destroyed and distressed jeans looking new!  It goes on to recommend applying clear fingernail polish to the backside of the hole around the edges to keep your strings intact.  According to the grandkids keeping your strings intact is vital.  Well, you get the picture.  My only consolation was they are both still wearing their jeans.

So, Life is Good when your strings are intact and you know the difference between clean and dirty clothes, and don’t for one minute think that is obvious.  It is not.  Sort of like when Dad didn’t think “ya, ya, ya” was music.  It’s all generational. 

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