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Guest Editorial

Jun 12, 2024 10:15AM ● By Dotty Evanson

Residents are reminded that repairs of the surface are costly, and care should be taken by those using the court to wear proper shoes.

Last Thursday the pickleball courts were full and lots of people were having a great time.  In fact, several of those participating were from out of town.  Scott Ray and the Recreation Board have worked hard to organize leagues and get people involved.  Our community has a great facility at the end of Bush Avenue that is being used and brings people together.  

However, Court 3 has been damaged.  Someone has been on the court with metal cleats and left gouges all over and then in a couple of spots the top surface has been scraped away, leaving a deep divot in the court.  This is particularly upsetting because the damage was done by people who are athletes and should understand something of the cost involved in providing quality fields and courts for our community to use.  We want everyone to use and take care of the courts.  Literally, thousands of dollars were raised to make the courts a reality.  Now, we need to take care of what we have so they can be used for years.  We are asking:

1. Parents, please read this article to your families and talk to them about personal responsibility within a community and the need to wear soft soled shoes on the pickleball courts.  That means shoes only…no wheels of any kind.  Then, ask your kids to pass the word along to all of their friends.

2. Coaches, especially any coaches of our youth who wear cleats, please read this to your team and talk with them.  If you have time, go over to Court 3 and let them feel the area where the surface has been damaged.  The blue top surface has been scraped down to the green and you can feel the indention.

We believe education is the best way to protect our facilities.  We also believe the people of Oneida County care.  It’s a Good Life when we help those who don’t get it, to get it.

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