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MHS Class of 2024 Graduates

After a long year, and at least three long years leading up to it, the Class of 2024 finally gained the privilege of throwing off their hats.

It happens every year—the “I can’t believe they actually graduated” group joins the previous groups with that distinction in an end of year ceremony where they more than anything just want to actually end the year while their parents and administrators want to savor the moment.   This year’s group made sure to have a fun time while going through graduation, highlighted by entertaining parting words from Valedictorian Curtis Huckaby,  and Salutatorian Baylor Bean, which brought a humorous and forward looking tone to the proceedings.

Superintendent Jon Abrams and Student Body President Brynlee Bastian spoke to the graduating class, and the Chamber Choir performed as well, reflecting on the year that was, and the careers that culminated with it.  

The featured speakers for the evening were Tori Green and Nacona Smith, who decided to speak together to “speed up the process and hopefully make this the best commencement exercise for Curtis,” according to Nacona.  The two shared some of the lessons they had learned over the year, including “never ever leave your phone unattended,” and shared some of the observations they had made about the class.  The central theme of their presentation was that it was important to acknowledge and enjoy the current moment, while anticipating moving on from it.

They then shared advice for the graduates, including “always give more than you take…always stand for something…show people you care…listen to learn…always say thank you in person…everything matters—it always counts…positivity and optimism always win…success is simple…never be predictable…you will always get out of it what you put into it…and it’s always about people and relationships.”  

They presented an analogy of a pencil.  “You know pencils are useful, but they take some sharpening.  Sometimes the sharpening is painful, but it’s necessary…sometimes you will make mistakes along the way, but it’s possible to correct them, just like this eraser.  If you learn from mistakes, they are lessons you can use to make yourself better.  Just like this pencil, everywhere you go, you leave your mark.  You are writing your own story.  Think of stumbling blocks as stepping stones, and never ever stop writing.”

“We are so often looking for what’s ahead we don’t notice what’s right in front of us.”  The two went through a list of memories from the year.  “Live in the moment now, before they are just memories.  Look around now at who is supporting you.  Life moves pretty fast—if you don’t stop and look around, you might just miss it.  We can wait just a little bit longer.  This exact moment is never going to happen again.  Enjoy the laughs and even the cries.  Enjoy your last time as a student at Malad High.  Congratulations, Class of 2024!” 

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