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MHS students compete at State Music

Addler Garrett

Twelve Malad High School students qualified to go to State Music Contest after receiving high scores at District Contest. This year’s State Contest was held in Coeur d’Alene on May 3-4, which meant that five qualifying students were unable to attend because of distance and other commitments. Mr. Foster Garrett, Malad High School Band and Chorus teacher, was very pleased with the results from the State Contest as students from schools of all sizes from 5A – 1A compete against each other at State. A concert was held on the evening before the students left for State at which students performed their qualifying numbers for family and friends.

Accompanying the soloists on piano were Lorna Brignone, Trudy Ward, and Maggie Lund. Mr. Garrett expressed his appreciation to the school administrators for making arrangements for the students to make this long trip to northern Idaho in order to compete in the State Music Contest.

The results from State Music Contest are the following:

3rd place – Addler Garrett – bass clarinet solo

5th place – Conner Worrell – drum kit solo

5th place – Serena Whipple – euphonium solo

6th place – Winona Young – clarinet solo

10th place – Kolton Cox – bass vocal solo

12th place – Joe Willie – tenor vocal solo

13th place – Mary Zabriskie – alto saxophone solo

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