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Malad Hosts Vaccination Clinic

Dr. Bevan administers a vaccine to Reno as Wyatt Holden looks on.

Over the weekend, more than 30 dogs and their owners showed up at the City Shop to either license their animals or receive vaccinations for them, or both.

Doctor Ryan Bevan and Vet Tech Shawnee Bauman from the Bear River Animal Hospital were on hand to provide a range of vaccinations to those who brought their animals in to the opened bay at the City Shop, and Code Enforcement Officer John Christophersen was set up to register dogs at as part of the same initiative.

Dogs are a constant source of complaints to the city and county’s law enforcement, with “loose dogs” being at least a top three descriptor for calls in the police dispatch log.  Licensing is both required by city code, and also allows for ownership to be established related to any dogs that are detained, allowing them to be returned to their owners.

Wyatt and Charcy Holden were among the many people who showed up for the reduced costs services (in the case of one of their three dogs, $45 for $110 worth of vaccines, according to Bevan), with Reno, Waco, and Mesa.

The process was quick and painless, even for the dogs, and Dr. Bevan answered a number of questions related to the dog’s overall vaccine schedule and general health.  

In the past, according to Christophersen, the line has stretched down the sidewalk, though the clinic was not held last year.  For next year, everyone involved hopes to see the numbers continue to grow, and the city’s dog population to continue to receive the attention it deserves.

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