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Health Fair at Hospital

Carie Sue Beyler receives a quick BMI test from Pamela Mills.

Last week, Nell J. Redfield Memorial Hospital hosted a Health Fair to raise awareness of some of the routine services that the hospital provides to residents on an ongoing basis.  While the services are things that can be arranged for at most times during the week, the Health Fair event provided an easy and scheduling free way to access some routine and recommended health information for the many people who took advantage of the opportunity.

Available during the morning and afternoon open access time were Nurses Mindy Allen, Karren Edwards, Jade Daniels, and Michelle Madsen to check blood pressure, BMI and other vitals.  

Registered Dietician Pamela Mills was available for consultation on nutrition and healthy eating, with additional material for those in need of diabetes specific food and self-care guidelines.  A Diabetes Support Group is held at the hospital every fourth Thursday at 1:00 p.m.

Clinic Director Alicia Bell provided information about the large number of services provided by the clinic right here in Malad, including things you may not have considered such as sleep studies.  According to Hospital CEO John Williams, the sleep study changed his sleep habits forever after he found out he would benefit from oxygen while sleeping.  “Now I can’t sleep without the thing [CPAP machine] on,” he said.

The hospital and clinic also provide in-house and telehealth mental health services, oncology screenings, chemotherapy, acute care, pain management services, orthopedics, gynecology services, ENT treatment, surgery, and many others.

While the Health Fair provided a visible and easy way to access screening services, routine lab work and health checks can be obtained most open hours during the week by checking in at the front desk.  A simple form and a quick blood draw is all that is needed for a blood panel, which can be used to provide a wide range of health information to patients.  

“There are a million studies that show that preventative screenings can save everyone a lot of pain down the road,” Community Relations Director Kathy Hubbard said.  “Finding out about any issues early makes treatment much, much easier, and of course less expensive.”

If you missed the Health Fair, you can stop in to obtain the same services at the front desk during normal business hours, or call 208-766-2231 for availability.

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