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Brothers of Steel Wrestling

Brothers of Steel at the Marsh Valley Tournament

The middle and high school wrestling seasons may be officially over, but the Brothers of Steel Malad wrestlers are still hitting the mats as they travel to various tournaments around the area.  They have had a full schedule for the last several weeks and with it a full list of accomplishments and success.

The Idaway wrestling season kicked off with the Marsh Valley tournament held in January.  Malad had 27 youth wrestlers compete at the tournament, an exciting turnout for the program.  Even more exciting was that all 27 earned and brought home medals after the weekend.

Supporting the youth program as time allows, the HS Dragon wrestling coaches and wrestlers showed up to Marsh Valley to help coach and support the young wrestlers. “The youth in our program really look up to the high schoolers and it means a lot to them to have the older kids sit in their corner and coach them.”

Speaking of that first tournament, Coach Josh Davis shared, “Our wrestling family showed up BIG this weekend! We had the most wrestlers out of all the teams that competed at the IDAWAY tournament in Marsh Valley. 27 Brothers (and Sisters) of Steel represented our home town well. We also had a big group of our high school team show up to support the up and coming wrestlers of Malad – way to be awesome examples!!”

Marsh Valley Tournament

Lilly Blaisdell – 40# – 1st 

Chloe Smith – Girls 45# - 1st 

Austin Schrenk – Girls 48# - 1st 

Rylan Price – 45# - 1st 

Zach Ward – 49# - 1st 

Kyler Blaisdell – 61# - 1st

Payson Price – 65A – 1st 

Rustin Montgomery – 110# - 1st

Brecken Price – 72B – 1st 

Bentley Maddox – 100# - 1st 

Cache Lake – 58# - 2nd 

Kyler Price – 67# - 2nd 

Haize Davis – Girls 68# - 2nd 

Joseph Angell – 80# - 2nd 

Devin Ball – 100# - 2nd 

Wade Clark – 118# - 2nd 

Riggs Davis – 37# – 3rd 

Jonny Schrenk – 47# - 3rd 

Kody Wangsgard – 55# - 3rd 

Kallen Price – 72A – 3rd 

Bronson Smith – 157# - 3rd 

Corbin Smith – 61# - 4th 

Jaxton Price – 118# - 4th 

Mason Ball – 135# - 4th 

Cooper Smith – 64# - 5th 

Dekker Davis – 59# - 5th 

Jaxon Mills – 92# - 5th 


Idaway hosts 3 Tour of Idaho tournaments each season, offering custom awards to the placers as well as special awards to the wrestlers that place 1st at all 3 tournaments. This year  Brother of Steel wrestler Rustin Montgomery won all 3 tournaments. This is the 2nd year in a row Rustin has accomplished the impressive title of Tour Of Idaho champion. 

The first Tour of Idaho tournament was the Snake River Rumble in Idaho Falls. Held over two days,  16 wrestlers represented Malad so well at a very tough tournament! 

Snake River Rumble Tournament

Austin Shrenk- 1st

Kyler Blaisdell- 1st

Rustin Montgomery- 1st

Riggin Montgomery- 1st

Ryland Price- 2nd 

Lillian Blaisdell- 2nd

Payson Price- 2nd 

Stella Merja- 2nd 

Johnny Shrenk- 3rd 

Jaxon Mills- 3rd  

Cooper Smith- 4th

Zach Ward- 5th 

Cache Lake- 5th 

Joseph Angell- 5th

Kyler Price- 6th

Brecken Price wrestled tough and just missed the medal rounds.

At the Rumble in the South Tour of Idaho tournament held in Jerome, three Brothers of Steel wrestlers made the trip to win themselves another medal each. 

Rumble in the South

Rustin Montgomery- 1st 

Riggin Montgomery- 1st

Payson Price- 2nd 

In the third and final Tour of Idaho tournament, the Cradle for the Cure, the Montgomery brothers wrestled in some extremely tough brackets. It is a large tournament hosted every year in Caldwell with all proceeds being donated to St Luke’s Cancer Institute. 

Cradle for the Cure

Rustin Montgomery- 1st

Riggin Montgomery- 3rd 

Malad wrestlers competed in several other Idaway and USA tournaments throughout the season. 

Sublime Tournament 

Rylan Price- 1st

Johnny Shrenk- 1st 

Lilly Blaisdell- 1st

Austin Shrenk- 1st

Kyler Blaisdell- 1st

Wade Clark- 1st

Joseph Angell- 2nd

Cooper Smith- 3rd

Dekker Davis- 3rd

Payson Price- 3rd

Kody Wangsgard- 4th

Cache Lake- 5th 

Kyler Price- 5th

Brecken Price- 5th

Bonneville Tournament

Austin Shrenk -1st

Jonny Shrenk- 3rd

Intermountain Warrior

Lilly Blaisdell- 1st

Kyler Blaisdell- 1st  

Bentley Maddox- 1st

Oakley Maddox- 2nd

Bentley Maddox- 3rd

Payson Price- 5th

Dekker Davis- 6th

Stella Merja, Dezi Haven, Kody Wangsgard, Cooper Smith and Roper Higley also competed in the Intermountain Warrior tournament, wrestling super tough but missing out on the medal rounds.

The Dragons 144lb state runner up Oakley Maddox traveled to Iowa to compete in Folkstyle national wrestling tournament. Oakley took 7th in the 16u 144lb bracket making him an All American. 

The Montana Open, a large tournament in Billings, Montana held March 22-24, hosted wrestlers from all over the western United States including five of Malad’s own wrestlers.

Montana Open 2024 

Lilly Blaisdell-  G6u 40lbs- 1st

Drake Morrison- 15u 137lbs- 1st 

Oakley Maddox- 15u 144lbs- 1st 

Kyler Blaisdell- 8u 62lbs 2nd  

Bentley Maddox- 12u 106lb

Declo Idaway Tournament

Rustin Montgomery- 1st

Johnny Schrenk- 2nd   

Parker Price- 2nd & 6th 

Cody Wangsgard- 3rd 

Payson Price- 3rd 

Austin Schrenk- 4th  

Brecken Price- 5th 

Three wrestlers competed over the Easter weekend in the Ben Lomond tournament in Ogden, Utah. They all did very welling, each earning two medals as they competed in multiple brackets in the various styles.

Ben Lomond Tournament 


Dezirae Haven 2nd 

Kody Wangsgard (2 brackets) 

     2nd & 3rd 


Dezirae Haven 3rd 

Roper Higley 3rd  


Roper Higley 1st

The Idaway season will wrap up this weekend at the Idaway State Tournament in Idaho Falls. The Brothers of Steel are practicing hard to compete and hoping to bring home the hardware. The USA wrestling season will continue through the summer. 

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