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Candidate Profile—Bob Crowther, Precinct 1

 My name is Bob Crowther, and I am a candidate for the Precinct Committeeman in Precinct One of the Oneida County Republican Party.  

Sixty of my seventy years of life have been spent living in the Malad Valley.  The ten years that I was not living in the Malad Valley I was receiving my education at Brigham Young University, serving a mission in Germany for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and living in Dallas, Texas for three years experiencing what it means to be a productive member of society.

Anne and I have raised our five children in the best environment you could ask for – the Malad School system, the church where they learned true gospel principles and the community that loves to support its young people.

Service to my community has been an important part of my life. For twenty-five years I worked for Ireland Bank as a loan officer and branch manager.  I have been associated with many different aspects of our community including: 

The Oneida County Education Foundation

Oneida County Library Board

Malad Chamber of Commerce

Oneida County Hospital Board

Oneida County Assessor

Oneida County Fair and 4-H

Malad Valley Welsh Society 

The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints

Malad Valley Community Chorus

 As an eighteen year old, I was in the White House on July 1, 1971 when President Nixon signed the 26th amendment to the constitution giving 18 year olds the right to vote.  Since that time, I have been a dedicated member of the Republican Party.  I want to continue to help our party make Oneida County and the State of Idaho a bastion of Republican Values. 

 As a precinct committeeman my goal would be to promote the great state of Idaho’s conservative values that have long guided our local and state philosophies. I believe that governance in these areas must be directed by the voice of the majority of our citizens.  As a precinct committeeman I will work towards keeping the voters in my precinct informed of how they can help in preserving our values and maintaining our freedoms granted to us by the United States Constitution and the State of Idaho Constitution.  I will work at keeping the citizens of precinct one informed about the candidates who would best represent us in preserving these principles.   

Your vote in my behalf would be very much appreciated on May 21st at the Oneida County Events Center.  

Robyn Gamble—Candidate for Precinct 1 

 I would like to introduce myself. I am Robyn Gamble.  My husband Ronnie Gamble and I have lived and worked in Oneida County for 30 years.  Our 6 children have been involved in many community and school events and our 16 grandchildren have been able to come and enjoy the valley’s great outdoors and fun activities. 

I along with my husband have served this community as volunteer EMT’s for 27 years. I have worked at Nell J Redfield Memorial Hospital as a Basic Radiology Technician, Alliance Home Health and Hospice office manager, and for the past 10 years as a teacher at Malad High School’s Medical Science CTE program. I earned my Bachelor’s degree at age 62 in Health Promotions and Education. I believe you are never too old to learn new things. 

In 2022 I ran for and was privileged to be voted in as an alternate Republican Delegate which made it possible for me to go and observe the working of the Republican summer convention. Some of the actual delegates that year were unable to attend so I was allowed to act as a delegate and participate in the voting process.  One thing I learned from this participation is that many people are not aware of the purpose of a Precinct Committee person and the influence for good that the county GOP can have as a means of providing information to the electorate. I feel that we can’t understand what we do not have information or knowledge of, so for this reason I have chosen to run as Precinct 1 committee woman. I would like to be your resource to learn and understand about our candidates and the Republican Platform.   If elected I will stand on the pillars of honesty, integrity, and principles of the Republican Platform.  With your support I will work hard to ensure that I listen with an open mind and heart to the concerns of Precinct 1.  Together, let’s build a stronger, more productive Precinct for all.

Candidate Profile—Lynn Moore, Precinct 3

 Core values of the Oneida -Area appealed to my husband, Rich Moore, and me; we have made Oneida Summit our home for eight years. Who could resist seeing Evergreens all around us, the Black Pine Mountains as a back drop and reservoirs and streams as we take advantage of the plentiful fishing opportunities.  Nothing better than catching a Rainbow trout for breakfast! And with that fishing reference, I hope I have “caught” your attention enough, because I am fishing for your vote!

 I was raised by a father with a great love for this country and The Constitution .  He was a student of The Constitution and involved with the Republican Party during his adult years.

He taught me to love this country and have a deep respect for the founding document.

Now. if I can just hook you long enough to tell you about me:

I am a mother of a blended family of 10 children and 32 grandchildren.

Retired Registered Nurse currently serving as President of the Oneida  County Foundation Hospital Board.  Anyone out there play pickle ball?  I was involved in the building of the pickleball courts last summer and enjoy early morning matches.

Again, Oneida fits me well as you will find me reading, hiking, camping, playing pickle ball or golfing in my spare time.

My husband and I are service missionaries for the the BYU -Pathway Worldwide Program.  

I have a listening ear and working hands ready to carry your message to the GOP of Oneida as I represent the 3rd precinct and a woman’s perspective.  Let’s put the Constitution to work for us and let every voice be heard!

Fishing for your vote come May 21st to represent the Third Precinct; THAT WOULD BE A GREAT CATCH!

Candidate Profile – Ben Campbell, Precinct 5

 My name is Ben Campbell, 4th generation farmer of Juniper, running for the Precinct Chair#5.  Stone and Juniper areas have a different set of challenges from city residents; I want to be their voice!  My wife, Melissa and I have raised our four kids in the valley of the Black Pine Mountains.  When I am not busy farming, I like biking, hiking and spending time with my family.

It is well worth the effort to travel a one- hundred -twenty mile trip, once a month, to carry the concerns, interests and values of the Stone/Juniper residents.  I am asking for their vote in the coming election.  

Candidate Profile--J. Duane Carter, Precinct 6

 I am J. Duane Carter and am running for the Republican Precinct #6 Chair.

I would appreciate your support! I will learn my duties and represent you the best I can.  

I LOVE our community family; UNITED WE WILL STAND.

Pat Field—Candidate for District 27B

 Here we go again.  I am the youngest of eight children, raised on a cow/calf and farm operation in Idaho.  I married my college sweetheart and we are celebrating 41 years together.  We are proud parents of three and grandparents of ten.  My favorite crops to nurture have always been my kids and grandkids.  

Beyond my family, I have been deeply involved in both my church and community, coaching youth sports and serving in the BSA.  Currently, I am a precinct committeeman, Vice Chair of the Cassia County Republican Central Committee, and Chairman of the Republican Legislative District 27.

Throughout my journey, I have had the privilege of connecting with the citizens of Cassia, Minidoka, and Oneida counties.  My wife and I have served as Ag Ambassadors for Farm Bureau and I currently serve on the Cassia County Farm Bureau board.   

Oneida county was very good to me during the 2022 election.  It would be an honor to represent Oneida county at the legislature.  I hope to connect with you all again.  

Doug Williams announces run for Oneida County Sheriff

 Hello citizens. I am Doug Williams and I’m running for Oneida County Sheriff. I was born and raised in Oneida County and have lived here for 51 years. I raised my three children Haden Williams, Samantha Williams, and Jace Williams in this wonderful community. I am currently the Chief Deputy of Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and have been employed with the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office for 20 years. I am very experienced and have a profound knowledge on current policies and procedures within the criminal, civil and emergency communications functionality of the Sheriff’s Office, including experience with budgeting and grants. I am the only candidate that is certified with basic and intermediate certifications as a law enforcement officer in the state of Idaho. I am also keenly aware of the challenges law enforcement faces in our county and I am prepared and excited to help conquer these challenges.

One of my primary concerns is protecting our youth and to make our schools a safe and drug free environment for all students.  Within our school walls, are some of our most vulnerable population, our children. Teachers should be focused on teaching and students should be able to focus on pursuing their dreams through education. I believe each student has a right to a drug free and safe learning environment. It is imperative that the sheriff’s office works with the schools on safe school initiatives, implementing the DARE program, having an active presence in all schools, and assisting with anti-bullying

Drug and alcohol use amongst teenagers continues to climb and the immediate consequences of teen substance use are devastating. These consequences can range from reduced academic performance and criminal involvement to injuries, medical conditions and mental health issues to catastrophic events up to and including death. It’s time to help deter our children from drug and alcohol use and give them the safe and drug free environment they deserve. As your Sheriff, I will incorporate a Zero Tolerance Policy on any crimes against children to include all sex crimes, injury to a child, crimes within a child’s presence and suppliers and dealers of alcohol and/or drugs to underage children and teens.

Another goal of mine is to make victims of crime a priority and having their needs come first and foremost.  Protection from re-victimization and from their perpetrators is crucial to their healing processes.  When someone has been victimized, they are at one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives and it is essential that they are treated with compassion and care as well as ensuring proper steps are taken to make them feel safe again.  Training and education amongst deputies is vital in ensuring victims are not re-victimized by a lack of compassion or discounted by any department member who makes contact, all victims need to be treated with respect, dignity and empathy. 

Domestic Violence also affects the children of those involved, when children fall victim to the effects of Domestic Violence for an extended amount of time, this impacts neural pathways which are essential for learning and gaining new skills and can have lifelong detriments. As your Sheriff, I will incorporate a Zero Tolerance Policy on Domestic Violence and Sexual
Assault crimes.

I believe it is imperative to serve all of Oneida County. Everyone deserves to have their neighborhoods and public places patrolled no matter where they live. This helps deter and prevent crime and helps create good public relations and trust with the Sheriff’s Office. Building good public relations can make citizens comfortable in reporting suspicious activity and/or crimes. Citizen delayed reporting has been a challenging issue for the Sheriff’s Office. As your Sheriff I want to build that trust and communication with the community to help get reports of suspicious activities in a timely manner. Speedy reporting to the Sheriff’s Office, combined with fast response times for law enforcement increases the likelihood of apprehending offenders at or near the crime scene and/or deterring a crime from happening. With this trust and communication, I want to hear from the community and their opinions on how the Sheriff’s Office is doing and ideas we could incorporate to serve and protect this community better.

You can be a part of this new direction in this year’s upcoming election. I would be humbled and honored to serve Oneida County as your next Sheriff.  


Candidate Profile—Brian Jeppsen, County Commission District 3

 After having served for a little over a year as the County Commissioner from District 3 and navigating the steep learning curve involved by engaging in local government, my previous passion for serving my fellowman has grown exponentially. I am therefore seeking re-election with the desire to continue to do my part in promoting strength through unity in
Oneida County. 

For those who don’t already know, I was born in Texas while my parents were stationed at the Laredo Air Force base. We later returned to their hometown of Brigham City, UT where I was raised until I was 15 yrs. old. At that time, my parents, Brent and Jacque Jeppsen, moved their family to Malad where I graduated from Malad High School in 1975. Moving to Malad was a life-changing event for me and I have loved the people and the community spirit that exists here ever since that time. It was here that I met my sweetheart Anita Ann Head, who waited for me while I served an LDS mission to San Antonio, Texas from 1976-1978. Upon my return we were married in June of 1979 and were later blessed with 3 amazing children; Jacob (Emily) Jeppsen, Melissa (Ty) McMillan, and Breanna (William) Charles. We are also the proud grandparents of 11 wonderful grandchildren. I feel blessed to have been raised by goodly parents and to have such wonderful siblings; Tammy (Dave) Williams, Kaylene (Chad Rindlisbacher), both of Malad, Ron Jeppsen (deceased), and Chris (Jen) Jeppsen of Boise.

Although Anita and I moved away in pursuit of a career in 1980, it didn’t take us long to return home to this beautiful valley. In 1983 we came back home as this is the place we wanted to raise our children. I have been involved in many community projects and organizations as well as having served in various church assignments over the past 39 years of living here in Malad.

In 1987, 6 months prior to my 30th birthday, and despite being happily married with 3 children, I felt that it was my duty and privilege to serve in the military as a token of appreciation for the profound liberties that we enjoy in this blessed Land of Liberty. Accordingly, I joined the US Air Force Reserve and left behind my family for the required six months of Basic Training as well as AIT (Advanced Individual Training) I subsequently served for 8 years out of Hill Air Force Base, Utah, achieving the rank of Staff Sargent. Upon joining, I took my Military Oath of Office to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”. As a loyal citizen of these United States, I consider that oath to be a lifelong commitment and duty to uphold.

I have a very special love for this valley and its people. I have had the privilege of giving back through various opportunities over the past several decades. For the past several years I have been blessed to serve with wonderful faith leaders of the Oneida Interfaith Council, as well as several other community-oriented organizations. In the capacity of commissioner, I have also been privileged to work with many other public servants who selflessly dedicate their time and talents to serving and building up
our community. 

My objective in seeking to continue serving in this capacity is to reinforce the principles and values which have made Oneida County such a great place to live and a welcome gathering place for those seeking refuge from an ever more challenging world. 

It is my firm belief that our Founding Fathers were inspired by God to institute His Law, even the Constitution of the United States. We are blessed that our State Constitution mirrors those same true principles. As we continually strive to internalize and adhere to these divine laws, we will succeed in building a community of one heart and one mind, where peace and unity will prevail, and we will be better prepared to weather the storms of adversity that do and will continue to encroach upon our world.

Now, more than ever, may God bless our nation, our state, and our community, as we seek to serve one another.


Brian K Jeppsen

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