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Apr 16, 2024 11:27AM ● By John Christophersen

Officer John would like to make Malad City Residents aware of info from ordinance: No.474 sec 7 

H. Parking and Storage of Certain Vehicles   Automotive vehicles or trailers of any kind of type without current license plates shall not be parked or stored other than in a completely enclosed building or carport. However, one (1) boat and one (1) travel trailer may be stored in the side or rear yard.

Ordinance 392 sec 3 d 3 also mentions the accumulation of vehicular components/parts not enclosed or completely obscured from
public view.

Ordinance 392 sec 3 1&2 talks about the accumulation of rubble and rubbish, yard waste household waste and old appliances.

The violation of these ordinances is a misdemeanor which could result in fines and punishment up to and including jail time.

For a full description of the ordinance or any of Malad City Ordinances, go to or call code enforcement at 208-915-2422 and visit with John Christophersen.

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