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32nd Annual Malad Car Show held over the weekend

The summer can’t really start until the Malad Car Show comes to town, which it did over the weekend.  The 32nd yearly iteration of the event brought in hundreds of visitors to see a variety of modern and classic cars, vans and other vehicles on a very pleasant Saturday afternoon.

The Car Show has been a longstanding tradition in town, where locals and those from around the region have gathered on the first weekend in June to celebrate their love of classic machines on the city’s historic downtown strip.  

As the day wore on, the weather held to a mild mid-70s temperature, and those who were interested in the cars on display were treated to a series of raffle events, as well a selection of food booths and trucks.  Many of the downtown businesses, as well as the American Legion building, were open for shopping, and most of the participants were happy to talk with visitors about their cars.  

The event was sponsored by a number of local and regional companies and individuals 

See page 9 for a list of award winners and photos.

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