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Grandparents Only

By Gramma Dot

Those commercials on TV that portray classes trying to save young people from becoming their parents hit a little close to home at times.  There is one which makes fun of senior citizens who want to get to the airport early, which admittedly, I like to do.  In fact, once we had Boe drop us off at the Mesa Gateway Airport before the security line was even open.  We still haven’t lived that one down.  

Well, last week we were heading to the Salt Lake Airport and giving ourselves plenty of time.  Before we left, I was loading our “treat bag” when Brett walked through the kitchen and reminded me there are vending machines at the airport.   Call me cheap, but I don’t like paying $5.00 for a tiny bag of chips, and I prefer my dried apples and almonds anyway!  I don’t travel a ton, but I have some routines I don’t want to change, and they include arriving early with my own snacks.

One adjustment to travel I did make this time, was using this handy, dandy lanyard set-up my sisters gave me.  No need to dig through the treats in my purse looking for my license to get through security.  The lanyard hangs around my neck and has my license, credit card and a few bills.  Kind of like a kid who carries her ID around her neck in case she gets lost.  Seems I’ve come full circle.  

Well, just so you know, we didn’t hold anyone up in the security line, and we did not get lost.  We even had our boarding passes on my phone, and who knows, we might try the vending machines next time.  But one thing is for sure, we will arrive early so we can watch all the interesting folk at the airport running down the hallways in a panic to catch their flights.  Perhaps, we need some classes to help our kids learn how to become more like their parents. It's a Good Life, especially when you are on time and have your own snacks!

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