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Apr 12, 2023 03:25PM ● By Thayne Barker

When at a Lions Meeting and applause is needed or a agreement vote is needed, the Lions do a roar.  Come and Roar with the Lions on April 27th at the Lions 100 year celebration at the event center.

Activities and meal are available at 15 per person or 25 for a couple, with tickets available from any Lions member and at Thomas Market.

This is the third article about what the Lions have accomplished in the county and helped provide opportunities for the citizens to enjoy.  I again will only be listing some of them that the Lions have done.

One of the main fund raisers through the years for the Lions Club was to sell brooms and lightbulbs. A lot out you looked forward to buying the brooms from the Lions each year. Sorry to say this was has not happened for the last few years.

Again, as I mentioned, for most of these service projects, the Lions funded them entirely, but some we were just doing labor or were assisted by a committee to help get them accomplished:

• 1925  a permanent County Fair Board was established with the assistance of the Malad Lions Club.

• 1945. The club assisted in securing permanent fairgrounds.

• 1950’s / 1060’s  I remember at rodeo and fair time, you would see the lions putting up banners and signs for the rodeo and fair to help promote them and you would see Lions selling programs and selling tickets and other things to help out the fair board.

• 1997  Remodeled the concession stand at the fairgrounds, expanded by pouring new cement, plumbing, new cabinet tops, sink, pop cooler, deep freeze, etc.

• 1980. Helped on the cement floors poured at the old quonset and display building that used to be at the fairgrounds.  

• 2007  did more repair work on the concession stand, new floor, new sinks, repaired the cooler

• 2016. Replaced the ceiling and reworked the floors and painted most the interior

• 2017  built a new ticket booth at the entrance for the fair grounds

• Note:   The Lions Club manned the concession stand at the fair for many years and with most the money made was used to help keep the stand in good order and to assist in other upgrades at the fair grounds.

• 1928. Assisted in securing a landing field

• 1943  worked on securing an airport for malad with an emergency landing field.

• 1948  through efforts of the club, the county was persuaded to take over the airport, which was on the verge of being lost

• 1950.  Helped organize the rural fire district

There are a lot more that I could list, but as you can see the Lions Club has been an important part of this community for the last 100 years.   

At times there have been as many as 60 plus members.  When I joined, there were around 40 plus. The History of Lions was conceived on the idea of uniting, on the basis of unselfish service, a businessmen’s club in the United States.  Throughout the years in the Malad Club has been business owners,  church leaders, school administrators , civic leaders and individuals who just cared about the community

The Club is always open to anyone who would like to join and follow in the traditions of Lions.Contact any current club member.

And mark your calendar to come to the 100 celebration at the event center!

Tickets available from Thayne barker Troy Allen, Don Swartz, Ed Thorpe Mike Madsen, Rex Robbins, Mike Ard, Scott McMurtry or any other Lion Member.

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