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City and County Declare April to be Kindness Month


WHEREAS, the Malad Elementary is sponsoring a Kindness Month for the month of April 2023; and WHEREAS, the City of Malad City and the County of Oneida recognize the value of acts of kindness that are performed without prompting or reason and how these acts can positively impact the person offering kindness, the person receiving the act of kindness, and those witnessing; and WHEREAS, acts of kindness can be performed by any person in the City of Malad City and in the County of Oneida regardless of age, origin, education, gender, religious beliefs, lifestyle, or abilities for the good of those around them; and, WHEREAS, kind individuals can create a more caring community and help to perpetuate genuine acts of kinness within their city, county, state and even throughout the world; and, WHEREAS, we seek to cultivate thoughtful and compassionate residents by teaching our youth to make a difference through random acts of kindness; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that I, Joan Hawkins, Mayor of Malad City, Idaho; Bill Lewis, Ken Eliason and Brian Jeppsen, commissioners of Oneida County, Idaho, do hereby  proclaim the month of April 2023 as MALAD CITY and ONEIDA COUNTY APRIL 2023 KINDNESS MONTH And encourage the people of Malad City and Oneida County to practice random acts of kindness in the spirit of compassion, kindness, and goodwill toward all persons as follows:

April 1 through 8 – (K) Kindness is Contagious – Find a way to spread kindness throughout our city and county;

April 9 through 15 – (I) Include Others – Speak to someone you don’t know, make a new friend, include others in your activities;

April 16 through 22 – (N) Never Talk About Someone Unkindly – Note something good in everyone you know or meet and speak kindly about them to others;

April 23 through 30 – (D) Don’t Put Up With Mean Behavior – You have a choice. You can internalize the mean behavior or you can just ignore it and continue being kind back. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have set our hands and affixed the official seals of Malad City and Oneida County this 27th day of March, 2023.


Bill Lewis, Commissioner Joan Hawkins, Mayor

Ken Eliason, Commissioner

Brian Jeppsen, Commissioner

Thank you
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