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Christmas Scenes across the Valley

Live Nativity

The Interfaith Council once again brought a live nativity scene to Malad to celebrate the season and recount the Christmas story from the gospels.  The intimate scene was enacted in the back lot of the Presbyterian church, with a fully constructed manger, and backed by a chorus of angels singing from on high.  

The live nativity provides a chance for guests to experience a narrated visualization of the Christmas story, complete with Joseph and Mary, the shepherds, and wisemen, as well as live animals.  The performances were held at 5, 5:30, 6, and 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday last week, with a steady turnout throughout the evening.  Refreshments were given out between the performances, which were appreciated by those in attendance.  “This is just wonderful!” one attendee stated.  “Thank you so much for doing this.”  

The event requires a lot of planning, and the Interfaith Council has been busy for the last month preparing for it.  

The cast for the program included: Mary, Doris Young; Joseph, Samuel Young; Angels, Caroline Whipple, Gideon Whipple, Shaylynn Snow, Tempe Garrett, Donna Whipple, Mary Young; Shepherds, Brian Young, Vivian Young, Brigham Snow; Kings, William Whipple, Casey Young, Jaxom Snow.  The narrators were Pastor Jack Harwell, and Art Martinez.  Toni Werk and the Interfaith Council organized and prepared the event.

Christmas Performance at the Iron Door

The Iron Door Playhouse presented two Christmas plays for the season on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and Sunday of last week.  The first, “There Arose Such a Clatter” by Ann Coulter Martens, featured the story of a family overwhelmed by a hectic Christmas who ultimately came to realize the importance of the family itself.  The second, “The Santa Trap,” involved a story of children in a hospital visited by Santa and his helpers, who also explain the other story of Christmas.

“There Arose Such a Clatter” by Stuart Ross featured the following cast; Jaylyn Green (Ginny), London Hess (Joan), Asher Brower (Jimmy), Martin Beyler (Mr. Rollins), Kendyl Cox (Mrs. Rollins), Sarah Beyler (Fay), Edson Whipple (Tom), Mike Hess Jr. (Speaker).  Brenda Daniels directed.

“The Santa Trap” included the following: Jade Charles (Narrator), Emmaline Francom (Nurse and Parent #1), Kylee Francom (Murse and Parent #2), Londyn James, James Cox, Sofia Hes (Children); William Whipple (Santa), Lyla Reed (Head Elf), Addie Brower, MaCall Clark, Thatcher Sweeten (Elves); Eva Coleman, Caroline Whipple (Reindeer); Serena Whipple (Mrs. Claus), Kendyl Cox (Parent #3).

Sets were designed by Brenda Daniels, Scott Alder, and Don Daniels.  Props were designed by Brenda Daniels and Cecilia Hess.  Jeff Richins was responsible for the Sound and Light engineering.  

Window displays downtown

The windows of the Co-op building downtown have been turned into delightful Christmas tableaux through the work of Melanie Coleman and a group of volunteers.  These Christmas displays are the result of the work of a dedicated group of individuals who believe in encouraging the community to come together to celebrate and enjoy the holidays.  

Gospel Connection Singers

The Victory Baptist Church hosted the Gospel Connection Singers last Friday, who performed a number of faithful and seasonal numbers for the crowd who had gathered.  The event started with a chili feed, and provided a warm place for those who wanted to enjoy the uplifting message of the season with others in a fun and relaxed environment.  

Community Chorus Concert

The 48th annual Malad Valley Community Chorus Christmas Concert, “The Lights of December,” was held on Sunday, December 18, at the 2nd Ward Church building. The 30-voice Chorus, under the direction of Ralph Bennett, sang a variety of seasonal favorites, ranging from carols celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ to light-hearted sleigh ride songs. Christine Crowther Smith accompanied the Chorus this year due to Helen Ward injuring her arm earlier in the fall. As is its tradition, the Chorus ended the concert with “Christmas Love.”

Food Pantry

The Food Pantry was on hand with special guest Santa Claus to distribute almost 200 meals to families across the valley.  This year, the Christmas boxes included potatoes and other holiday staples for those who made their way to the Event Center on December 8.  The distribution is a service that provides food to families who could use extra food support during the year.   

MMS/MHS Christmas Concert

The theme of the Malad Middle and High School Christmas Concerts was “Celebrate the Holidays” as seven student groups performed traditional and novelty holiday numbers on Monday, December 19. Foster Garrett is the band and choir director, and Lorna Hess is the choir accompanist.

The Middle School Concert began with the Grade 6 Choir followed by the Grade 7 Choir; both choirs sang two numbers. The Beginning Band (Grades 6 and 7) and the Intermediate Band (Grades 7 and 8) each performed three numbers.

The High School Band started the High School Concert with the popular “Polar Express” followed by two other numbers. The High School Choir began with a novelty number, “African Noel” and then performed three other numbers. The 15-member Chamber Choir performed four numbers.

Before and after each concert, attendees had the opportunity to bid on 94 gift baskets donated by students and their families. All proceeds go to support the school music programs.

Dragonettes Christmas Performance

A packed house showed up on Monday, December 12 for the annual Dragonettes Christmas Show.  The show highlighted the talents of the Dragonettes, the Cheerleaders, soloist Hunter Olsen, and students of Studio A Dance.  

As always, the program included a variety of spirited themed numbers, celebrating the season and aspects of American life.

The Dragonettes started the night with their hip hop dance in Christmas sweaters to set the mood, followed by the MHS Cheerleaders with their award winning 90s mix dance.  After a costume change, the Dragonettes returned with their Dance routine.

Studio A Preschool group then took to the floor in what announcer and coach Wendy Owens acknowledged “always steals the show.”  The pre-K kids performed a tribute to Route 66, under the direction of Alicia Seamons and Alaina Schrenk.

Hunter Olsen the performed a solo routine titled “Ashes,” which showcased her classical dance skills.

Studio A’s K-2nd grade kids then performed a routine titled “School Mix,” which featured both younger and older kids in a shared dance to the periodic “end of class” bell.  

The Dragonettes returned with a Navy themed kick routine to the backdrop of the an updated version of the Village People classic “In the Navy”.

Studio A finished their evening with a routine involving 3rd through 8th graders titled “Old School.”

After the Dragonette’s Pom performance, they joined the Cheerleaders for the rousing “Get up.”  Afterward, the Dragonettes performed a tribute to the military, after which the cheerleaders performed “Side Line.”  

To end the night, the Dragonettes performed “All I want for Christmas.”  The 2022-2023 Dragonettes included Senior Captains Alexis Shaw, Brylee Clark, Hunter Olsen, Rayleigh Barnes; Juniors Alexus Tarbet, Charli Briscoe, and Sadie Jensen; Sophomores Baylee Owens, Makiya Shulz, and Maren Sperry; and Freshman Braylee Price.  The Dragonettes are coached by Wendy Owens, Kelsey Owens, and Wendy Hess.  Studio A is coached by Alicia Seamons and Alaina Schrenk. 

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